The Evolving-Platform Edition Sunday, April 8, 2018

Popular Apps Are Leaving The Apple Watch. Is That A Bad Sign?, by Christina Bonnington, Slate

That some big-name apps have removed their Apple Watch apps isn’t a sign that the Apple Watch is failing as a platform: It’s a sign that the platform is evolving. [...] It doesn’t make sense for every app to be on every platform, but some apps are clearly succeeding: fitness trackers, sleep monitors, apps that let you remotely operate the camera, and apps that use your heart rate and activity data to detect health issues like arrhythmia. Apps on the Apple Watch aren’t for wasting time—they’re for bettering yourself, making your day more productive, and reducing the time spent staring at your smartphone screen.

Apple iMac Pro Review: A Crazy Amount Of Power, by Brian Westover, Tom's Guide

Without a doubt, the iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever offered by Apple. It's impressive across the board, from the brilliant 5K display to the powerful hardware inside. If you need a professional workstation for demanding video, rendering or 3D work, this is absolutely the Mac you want to get.

Where The iPad Still Excels Over Chromebooks Regardless Of Price, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

When teachers need a targeted app to work with their lesson plans, the iPad will likely win out in most situations. If they need students to do research on a given topic and put together a report or presentation, Chromebooks are going to be easier to use.

Does YouTube's New Dark Theme Save iPhone X Battery Life?, by AppleInsider

YouTube's dark theme is confirmed to save substantial power. We can only imagine how much better the feature would perform if the mode presented the UI as black instead of dark grey.

The Dots Do Matter: How To Scam A Gmail User, by Jim Fisher

We teach people about “phishing” due to emails from dodgy email addresses, but we don’t teach people anything about phishing due to emails to dodgy addresses.