The Fingerprint-Stained-Screen Edition Sunday, October 28, 2018

Should You Have Your Significant Other As Your Phone Background?, by Rebecca Jennings, Vox

Of all the things we stare at during the day, the one we turn to the most is the same for many of us: the filthy, fingerprint-stained screen on our tiny pocket computers. This is why I choose to adorn that space with a photograph of Harry Styles wearing tweed trousers and a sweater with a giant “H” on it. And it is also why other people pick a photo of their significant others.


I heard from dozens of people, some in relationships, some single, about significant others as phone backgrounds, and guess what? People have a lot of thoughts about it, ranging from “of course my girlfriend is my background, I love her” to “phone backgrounds are a dogs-only space” and finally to this absolutely nuclear take: that couples do this in an attempt to convince themselves they are happy when, in fact, they are not. Here are their answers.

Carriers Indicate iOS 12.1 Will Be Released On Tuesday With eSIM Launch, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

We have heard from several different carrier sources that they are readying for an iOS 12.1 launch on October 30, coinciding with the rollout of eSIM support for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.


Users will be able to add another line to their existing iPhone, giving the device two phone numbers for calls and texts, and take advantage of the different data packages offered by each of the plans. iPhone XS and iPhone XR include a technology called Dual-SIM Dual Standby, which means both phone numbers are active simultaneously. The iPhone will actively answer calls from both numbers automatically.

The Only Game I Play On My Phone Is Minesweeper, by Dami Lee, The Verge

So after downloading a bunch of different Minesweepers from the App Store, I finally found the version she was playing. It’s Minesweeper Q by Spica, and it has the best UX you need to play the game on a phone: a quick flagging mode, and a quick open feature when you tap a number next to a flag.

While AR Plays Catch-up In Other Sectors, It’s Taking Over The Enterprise, by Amir Bozorgzadeh, VentureBeat

It’s true that, according to Gartner, AR appears to haven’t moved very much since last year, despite the emergence of mobile AR platforms, ARKit and ARCore, that have for their part imbued all of our smartphones with the environmental awareness to drive mainstream AR.

And that makes perfect sense if you hold on to some perspective on the accelerated timelines in motion here and consider that, although the tech is all but ubiquitous in its potential of being immediately realized, the app developer community, which is comprised of mere organic humans still operating under organic time, just hasn’t had enough breathing room to catch up.

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I am using an all-black wallpaper for my iPhone.

For a brief moment, I tried out the dynamic wallpapers in Mojave, but I got tired of them pretty soon. I'm now using a gray wallpaper on my Mac.

On the other hand, I am using one of the early Mac OS X wallpapers on my iPad.


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