The Erase-Your-Tracks Edition Sunday, July 14, 2019

How To Clear Out Your Zombie Apps And Online Accounts, by David Nield, Wired

The more unused, unloved accounts you’ve got hanging around, the more targets would-be hackers have got to aim at. It’s therefore good practice to tidy up the digital trail you leave behind you, and shut down accounts you’re not regularly using. Unfortunately, there’s no big button you can press to do this all at once, but with a little bit of detective work and a few minutes of your spare time, you can effectively erase your tracks.

Big Tech Tussles With Congress This Week, by Ian Sherr, CNET

These hearings represent the latest in the ever-evolving dance between tech giants and lawmakers on Capitol Hill -- one that's quickly becoming an issue in the upcoming US presidential race. At stake is how government will regulate the tech industry, which has grown to be one of the world's largest and most powerful groups. Amazon and Apple are both worth nearly a trillion dollars, while Google and Facebook draw audiences that number into the billions.

Facebook’s $5 Billion FTC Fine Is An Embarrassing Joke, by Nilay Patel, The Verge

Facebook’s stock went up after news of a record-breaking $5 billion FTC fine for various privacy violations broke today.

That, as the New York Times’ Mike Isaac points out, is the real story here: the United States government spent months coming up with a punishment for Facebook’s long list of privacy-related bad behavior, and the best it could do was so weak that Facebook’s stock price went up.

‘I Hope You’re Well’, by Kerry Elson, New York Times

Is it possible to send an email anymore without this phrase?

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