The Human-Labour Edition Saturday, August 24, 2019

Tech Firms Must Give Up Their Awkward Secret: Humans, by Dave Lee, BBC

Only Microsoft states what all of these other privacy policies arguably should: "Our processing of personal data … includes both automated and manual (human) methods of processing."

I point this out because the issue of human labour is a touchy subject in Silicon Valley right now; a fresh atmosphere of controversy for which companies only have themselves to blame.

If Medical Wearables Want To Save Lives, They Should Be ‘Invisible’, by Marc Fischer, The Next Web

Designer Joe Sparano once said, “Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.” What he meant was that the most well-designed products are so easy to use that consumers don’t even notice all the work that went into them.

For medical device developers, this quote must be a mantra.


One Week With Apple Card: What I Love And What I Hate, by Caitlin McGarry, Tom's Guide

From applying for the Apple Card to then getting access to a card to use in digital form took less than 5 minutes. After I set it as my default card for Apple Pay, I placed an order for a poke bowl through a food delivery service. My order arrived at my doorstep less than an hour after I applied for the card.

Apple Card Covers Are Becoming A Thing Because Why Not, by Danny Zepeda, iMore

The Apple Card has been a product unlike any we've seen before. From its unique titanium finish to the slow rollout, it has commanded the attention like no other credit card product. Even the way you clean it has become a big deal. Well, to round out the spectacle, sleeve covers for the Apple Card are now available.


The Machine Always Wins: What Drives Our Addiction To Social Media, by Richard Seymour, The Guardian

Whether or not we think we are addicted, the machine treats us as addicts. Addiction is, quite deliberately, the template for our relationship to the Twittering Machine. Addiction is all about attention. For the social media bosses, this is axiomatic.

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I wonder if there is an Apple internal document that teaches employees how to take care of their Apple employee badges.


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