The Post-PC-PC Edition Sunday, October 13, 2019

The iPad Pro Is Not A Computer, by Evan McCann

When the latest (as of this writing) iPad Pro hardware and iPad OS come together, it creates a computer that isn't a computer, the most personal post-PC PC out there. However you define it, it’s great. I find myself reaching for my iPad more often than a MacBook or any other “real” computer. It's the best computing device I've ever used. There are still things a laptop or desktop PC is better for, but that list continues to get shorter.

Remove The macOS Catalina Guilt Trip From macOS Mojave, by Rob Griffiths, Robservatory

There are two things that I wanted to get rid of on my iMac: The notice about Catalina, and the infuriating red dot. At its simplest level, this appears to require just two Terminal commands.

Nir Eyal On How To Beat Tech Addiction: ‘We Need A New Skill Set’, by Arwa Mahdawi, The Guardian

So what’s the verdict: have I become more focused? I filed this article very late, which probably answers that question. But there’s no denying that Eyal’s book is a refreshing antidote to the advice that we should all be buying flip phones and digital detoxing. The route to a healthier relationship with technology isn’t necessarily going cold turkey; it’s learning moderation and good habits.

Bottom of the Page

I wish I can bookmark specific pages in Apple Music. I wish I can add radio stations to my library. I wish Beats 1 radio shows are available as podcasts.

Oh and, of course, peace on Earth and freedom for all.


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