The So-Much-More Edition Sunday, October 27, 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook: There’s “Much More” To Do To Help LGBTQ Youth, by LaTesha Harris, Variety

“GLSEN knows well and has held as its mission for nearly 30 years, that what we learn and what we’re told to value as children can define the course of our lives,” Cook said onstage, accepting the Champion Award. “If a teacher, a parent, an authority figure takes time to show kindness, to represent the great diversity of our humanity and to create space for authentic conversations when we’re young, it stays in our hearts forever and it builds better people as a result.”

“Unfortunately, we still see far too often the consequences of failing our kids. Trans and non-binary young people kicked out of their homes and attacked on our streets. Bullying and harassment in our schools,” he continued. “And a broader society that still sends the message, when the going gets tough, it’s the least among us who get targeted first. There is so much more each of us can do to change these things and that’s what brought me here.”

How The Genre-Defying NVDES Became Apple’s ‘House Band’, by James Patrick Herman, Variety

Traditionally, artists have struggled with the idea of selling their music to advertisers. Some, such as Arcade Fire and Adele, have steadfastly refused, citing artistic integrity. But the relationship between creatives and corporations is only getting stronger with the rise of labels like AWAL, and Josh Ocean, the artist who is known as NVDES, makes no apologies for jumping into bed with Apple. NVDES, which currently tours mid-size venues with fellow Los Angeles-based genre-defying artist Oliver Tree, has an audience of millions who will will hear Ocean’s song “Brazooka” in ads for iPhone 11.

This is a modern-day example of a longterm love affair “based on a relationship that we built over time,” says Jeannette Perez, president of global synch and brand partnerships at publisher Kobalt, who along with her team of 50 licensing experts has closed campaigns with Acura, T-Mobile and Toyota. “They were interested in approaching NVDES to write an original song for the spot [but] the band had this song in their back pocket and everybody at Apple thought it worked perfectly. It happened somewhat organically in the sense that it worked for the creative and all the stars aligned.”

Apple Music’s Beats 1 Introduces New Music Daily With Zane Lowe, by John Voorhees, MacStories

The inaugural episode of New Music Daily, which runs just over one hour, spotlights a wide range of music and interviews including appearances by Selena Gomez, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and an excerpt from a longer interview with Taylor Swift that will be released next week. New Music Daily’s Apple Music page also includes excerpts of upcoming video interviews with Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Zane Lowe Launches New Apple Music Show New Music Daily On Beats 1 Radio, by Jeff Nelson, People

"Our New Music Daily playlist was built in the image of the artist and the fan. Music is constant and it’s in the hands of the artists now. Artists don’t want to wait anymore, and we wanted a really big playlist that reflected that sentiment and could do it quickly. I’ll be in the studio with artists and I ask when they’re putting something out and they’ll say, “I don’t know, in an hour?” We’ve been clearing that space for artists for years, and with New Music Daily as a live show we’ll continue to event-ize music, bringing an audience around shared listening moments, and reflecting the way artists want to release music on their own terms."


Lemuro Lenses For iPhone, by Brad Moon, GeekDad

Quality add-on lenses like those offered by Lemuro aren’t quite as a good as having a DSLR, but they seriously up the capabilities of your iPhone’s camera(s). They offer enough flexibility that you may opt to leave the bulky DSLR behind and bring a lens or two in your pockets instead. There is an investment involved—although a Tele Portrait Lens, Wide Lens, and case will set you back considerably less than most entry level DSLRs. The Lemuro lenses are high quality, built to last, and they can be carried forward to your next iPhone as well—you just have to buy a case to fit the new model.


Apple's Craig Federighi Offers Aspiring Programmer Advice For The Future, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Apple SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi has offered some advice to an aspiring programmer in an email, with the Apple executive advising to keep studying, become an expert, broaden their horizons, and to follow their heart.


Disney And Apple Are Pushing Us Into The Era Of The $25 Million TV Episode, by Adam Epstein, Quartz

Now that Apple and Disney are in the mix, these prices are only going to increase. Together with Netflix and Amazon, the streaming services and their seemingly limitless funds could crowd some of the smaller networks out of the market entirely.

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I am not a sports person, and I'm no longer a news person. So, I've practically stopped watching or listening anything live. I want a podcast-like experience for everything I consume. Everything must be funnelled into queues.

Which means that I seldom listen to Beats 1 radio shows, even though some of them do sound interesting. (I enjoy Elton John's show, when I remember to listen.)

So, here's my number one wish list item for Beats 1: can I have a podcast-like user-interface?


And my number two wish list item: more genres, please.


Thanks for reading.