The Having-Fun Edition Sunday, November 3, 2019

AirPods Pro Recall An Earlier Age Of Innovation And Fun At Apple, by Mark Sullivan, Fast Company

The AirPods Pro represent the first major variation on the AirPod theme. They’re a fairly radical departure from the second generation AirPods, drastically changing the design, adding major new features like noise cancellation, and introducing the silicon tips. This is no humdrum yearly upgrade cycle. AirPod Pro seems like the product of rapid iteration and invention and people having fun doing it. That’s in sharp contrast to the slower and more predictable evolutions of other Apple products, including iPhones. It’ll be fun to see where Apple takes the AirPods next.

Apple TV+ Charges Into Its First Awards Season With ‘The Banker,’ ‘The Elephant Queen,’ & ‘Hala’, by Matthew Carey, Deadline

Apple TV Plus only launched yesterday, and the tech giant’s new streaming service is already home to some awards-contending films.

Sit At A Desk All Day? Try These Exercises To Help Undo The Damage, by Mercey Livingston, CNET

If you sit all day, you probably know that you should move more. One way you can ensure that this happens is by taking regular breaks. You can set a timer on your phone to alert you to get up at least once every hour (Breed recommends taking a 10-minute break to get up and move for every 1 hour you spend sitting.) If you have an Apple Watch, you can utilize the stand feature which alerts you to get up and move every hour, and keeps track of when you stand up.

Is Anyone Going To Get Rich Off Of Email Newsletters?, by Kaitlyn Tiffany, The Atlantic

Newsletters were a private world, a club so thoroughly feminine it was forgotten. Now they’re the next big thing.

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I can't help but notice all the iPhones in The Morning Show, but (maybe I didn't look hard enough) the lack of Apple Watches.

Oh, and there are indeed a lot of walking-and-talking.


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