The Emgraved-with-Emojis Edition Saturday, January 4, 2020

Apple Now Allowing AirPods Charging Cases To Be Engraved With Emojis, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Customers who choose to personalize their ‌AirPods‌ during the purchase process can choose from several emoji characters, though not all emojis are available. Options like smiling face, face with tongue out, and thumbs up are available, as are multiple animals.

IKEA Tradfri Smart Blinds Finally Rolling Out Support For Apple HomeKit, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

After several false starts, IKEA is finally ready to offer HomeKit support for its inexpensive line of Tradfri smart blinds. The update is rolling out now, although not all Tradfri owners are seeing the necessary firmware update just yet.

Apple Arcade: 'Unleash The Light' Review – An Apple Arcade Gem, by Touch Arcade

It gives long-time fans a new story with the original voice cast to revisit a beloved universe by a large community. And its interesting story, challenging battles, and easy-to-solve puzzles will keep newcomers hooked to the game and craving for more about the franchise and its weird but compelling lore.


Forget Resolutions. Here’s How To Know When It’s Time To Give Something Up., by Lena Felton, The Lily

As we make resolutions to start a new hobby or deepen our relationships in the new year, we’re also reflecting on what might be difficult, but ultimately worth it, to give up: a job, a friendship, even a dream. We spoke with eight experts about how to know when it may be time to do so.

I, for one, wish I’d had this advice when I was 15, and then 16, and then when I was 18. I would tell her: It’s okay to quit. One day, you’ll be more than a soccer player; you’ll be a journalist, and a loyal friend, and a loving daughter. You’ll have learned how to be a quitter, and maybe that’s the most valuable lesson of all.


Apple CEO Tim Cook's Total Pay Dropped Last Year, But He Still Took Home Over $125 Million, by Kif Leswing, CNBC

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total pay decreased last year as the company failed to exceed its financial targets by as much as it did in 2018. But he still pulled in over $125 million in total compensation.

The Schism At The Heart Of The Open-Source Movement, by Sidney Fussell, The Atlantic

GitHub’s greatest asset is a community that allows for open sharing and what’s essentially free labor due to a good-faith assumption. But when the company is no longer aligned with contributors’ own personal value system, those contributors have few options other than speaking out and potentially removing their own work from the system and moving it to other open-source repositories.

“When the perception of the company is one that hinges on moral values, its users and customers start to have expectations that the company will behave in a certain way.” Jordan Harband, another developer, GitHub contributor, and open-source advocate, told me.“But once you do that, then your behavior is subject to a higher scrutiny that has nothing to do with legality and nothing to do with numbers on a balance sheet.”