The Bad-Ideas Edition Monday, February 3, 2020

iPad: Now What?, by Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

The iPad situation is serious. As an old warrior of the early Mac years recently said, one worries that Apple’s current leadership is unable to say No to bad ideas. Do Apple senior execs actually use the iPad’s undiscoverable and, once discovered, confusing multitasking features? Did they sincerely like them? Perhaps they suffer a lack of empathy for the common user: They’ve learned how to use their favorite multitasking gestures, but never built an internal representation of what we peons would feel when facing the iPad’s “improvements”.

iPad Turns 10 — People Lose Their Damn Mind, by Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review

This really looks like a classic case of bloggers and mass media causing a perception around the iPad which creates a self-fulfilling cycle. That is: they write that nothing serious can be done on the iPad, therefore you should never consider it for that. Because the media writes this they give pause to any person wanting to use the iPad for such ‘serious’ things, or looking to make such ‘serious’ things for the iPad, because people the general population seems to think are smart about these matters don’t think you can achieve such things.


Is Catalina A Good Upgrade Yet?, by Howard Oakley, The Eclectic Light Company

For many users, the drawbacks in Catalina are largely the result of Apple becoming over-extended: Catalina runs best on Macs with hardware specifications that Apple marketing isn’t yet prepared to make the baseline for models such as the iMac. This all seems horribly like the mess that Apple got into over the amount of memory supplied in the original Macs during the first year of their release, when everyone knew that 128 KB of memory was insufficient, but Apple still soldered that into its base model of Mac.


Apple Launches Two New Apple Arcade Ads Promoting Oceanhorn 2 And More, by Jack Purcher, Patently Apple

Apple's big Apple Arcade push today now includes two new Apple Arcade ads.

Review: Nomad’s Base Station Stand Pairs A Premium Design With iPhone And AirPods Support, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

This year, Nomad’s Base Station Stand packs a two-coil wireless charging surface that can provide up to 10W of power. This means it supports the 7.5W fast charging capabilities of the iPhone, and you can place your iPhone either vertically or horizontally on the stand. [...]

The Base Station Stand also supports AirPods and AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro have to be rotated vertically, but they charge without issue and I didn’t have any issues casually sitting the AirPods on the charger, but missing the Qi coil.


The Cup-of-coffee Pricing Fallacy, by Yoav Aner, Ginerlime

The simplest solution is to just drop the analogy and let people figure out if the price is right for them. If your app or service is truly unique, and there’s nothing to anchor against, then go ahead! Knock yourself out on caffeine.

A Stanford Psychologist On The Art Of Avoiding Assholes, by Sean Illing, Vox

I sat down with him recently to talk about his strategies for dealing with assholes, what he means when he says we have to take responsibility for the assholes in our lives, and why he says self-awareness is key to recognizing that the asshole in your life may be you.

“You have to know yourself, be honest about yourself, and rely on people around you to tell you when you’re being an asshole,” he told me. “And when they are kind enough to tell you, listen.”

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