The Health-Outcomes Edition Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Apple Working With Johnson & Johnson On 'Heartline Study' Aimed At Reducing Risk Of Stroke, by Mitchel Broussard, MacRumors

Apple and Johnson & Johnson today announced a new study that aims to gather more information surrounding atrial fibrillation and other conditions tracked by iPhone and Apple Watch. The "Heartline Study" will include an ‌iPhone‌ app, and explores whether health tracking features of ‌iPhone‌ and heart health features on ‌Apple Watch‌ can improve health outcomes.

Apple's Research App Gains AirPods Pro Support For Hearing Study, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

According to Apple's release notes, the app now supports ‌AirPods Pro‌ and includes an improved VoiceOver experience for those participating in the hearing study plus battery life improvements on Apple Watch.

Open Season

What You See In The Finder Should Always Be Correct, by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

But the visual representation of the file system in the user interface should be treated with almost the same amount of attention. This is how users see the file system. Showing “Zero KB” for a folder full of large files, or having the available disk space not change at all after emptying the Trash when it was full of very large files, is profoundly wrong. It creates mistrust in an aspect of the system that the user should, ideally, trust completely.

More On App Defaults In Files On iPadOS, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

I know it’s been open season on the deficiencies of the iPad’s interface lately, but it does feel like portions of the iPad have progressed enough to have reached a sort of uncanny valley. It’s so advanced now that we have to start judging it the same way we judge other advanced interfaces. The Files app is finally worthy of criticism—and it deserves a lot of it.


Affinity Publisher For Mac Gains IDML Import, Preflight Checking, Template Support, And More, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

The biggest news relates to Publisher, with its first big update since launching in the summer. Version 1.8 of the Mac app brings IDML compatibility, allowing users to import InDesign files for the first time.

The IDML import capability should appeal to businesses and other professional users who want to access older document catalogs, and should make it easier for those who want to make the switch to the Affinity suite.

Filmmaking App Brings Vintage Vibes To Your iPhone Flicks, by David Pierini, Cult of Mac

So what constitutes vintage or retro? One characteristic would be the colors. Some of the looks feature odd color shifts as if shot on expired color film. Other looks offer more contrast, blown highlights or more saturated colors. For the art-house treatment, there is a black and white setting.

Firefox For Mac And Linux To Get A New Security Sandbox System, by Catalin Cimpanu, ZDNet

Instead of isolating the app from the underlying operating system, RLBox separates an app's internal components -- namely its third-party libraries -- from the app's core engine.

This technique prevents bugs and exploits found inside a third-party library from impacting another project that uses the same library.


iOS 14 To Better Support Third-Party Apps Like Web Browsers, by Benjamin Mayo

Realistically, though, a few more iOS 14 features in its favour will not shut Spotify up. Spotify’s complaint boils down to money; the App Store requirement to use In-App Purchase and the 30% cut. I’ll just say Apple is surely more willing to open up iOS than it is to make concessions to the business of the App Store. I don’t think we will see App Store policy change much unless some government institution forces the issue.

Amazon Made A Bigger Camera-spying Store—so We Tried To Steal Its Fruit, by Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica

Sometimes, I just grabbed and juggled a few produce items of different types before putting them back. Other times, my behavior got weirder. At one point, I grabbed a variety of fruits and veggies, bundled them in my arms, and pressed up against the railing to steady some of my bundle. Then I took various items with two hands, reached behind my back and beneath my backpack to exchange which was in which hand before putting them back in their respective spots. (I didn't put items back in the incorrect places for the sake of my experiment, because this shop does employ stockers, and I don't mess with retail workers. That's a golden rule of mine, experiments be damned.)

Eventually, I arranged a set of conventional bananas in a bundle, almost resembling a taped-together organic set. After walking a lap around the shop, I returned to grab the conventional banana bundle with one hand and an organic bundle with another. Then I passed both sets behind my back... but got one loose banana stuck between my back and my backpack. I put the rest of the bananas back in their respective bins, then walked to something I hadn't seen at an Amazon Go store before: a bathroom.

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