The A-Bit-Manic Edition Sunday, May 24, 2020

Why My App Is So Very Proud Of Me, by Carol Weston, CNN

"This year's walking and running distance is more than last year's," it beams. "So far this month, you're averaging more steps than last month." My device doesn't know the half of it.

I always enjoyed walk-and-talks with friends, in person or by phone. And whenever someone came in from out of town and wanted to meet for coffee, I suggested a stroll in a park instead. "I'm like a dog," I'd explain. "Pick me up and take me out."

But while I used to take two or three walks a week, now I take two or three a day. It's a bit manic.

Apple Arcade Was My Joyous, Surprising Savior From Self-isolation Bedroom Boredom, by Gerald Lynch, TechRadar

But where Apple Arcade came into its own for me was in two key aspects: its games are all touch-friendly, so didn’t require me to dig out a gamepad in order to play (though they are widely supported), and that the sheer variety of games on offer meant there was always another interesting distraction to turn to if a particular title didn’t suit my tastes.


Now's The Perfect Time To Start Using A Password Manager, by Alan Henry, Wired

As with most things, the hardest part of getting started with a password manager is getting started. Since we’re all sitting in front of our computers and on our mobile phones more now than ever, why not build a little security into your regular routine? After all, once it’s done, it’s done, and you won’t have to worry about it—or losing access to a dozen accounts just because one got hacked—ever again.

Wunderlist Is Dead. These 5 To-do List Apps Make Great Alternatives, by Alison DeNisco Rayome, CNET

Here are four task-management app alternatives that allow you to directly import your Wunderlist lists, or start new lists

Create Custom Netflix Watch Lists For Categories & Genres, Then Say Goodbye To Your Overcrowded 'My List', by Nelson Aguilar, Gadget Hacks

Netflix Lists, by developer Ajhad, is a shortcut that allows you to create multiple Netflix lists on your iPhone. Instead of a hodgepodge of documentaries, reality series, Hollywood blockbusters, and addictive TV shows, you can separate your favorite films and series into dedicated lists.


How Tim Cook's Augmented Reality Vision Paid Off For Apple, by Daniel Eran Dilger, AppleInsider

Computational photography is undoubtedly driving high-end smartphone sales; the ability to take flattering selfies and portraits is extremely popular among buyers. Apple's most notable camera feature of 2017 was Portrait Lighting, along with iPhone X's new TrueDepth effects that enabled photorealistic effects in third party apps such as Snapchat.

Both of these are actually examples of AR, developed using Apple's ARKit development tools.

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I love the quarantine episode of Mythic Quest very much, which has just landed on Apple TV+. It may help to understand the characters better to have watched the entire first season beforehand, but this is still very-much an enjoyable standalone episode. Highly recommended.


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