The Hearing-Devices Edition Sunday, May 31, 2020

Exploring Hearing Aid Integration In iOS, by Klaus Wirtz, TidBITS

Last year I got my first hearing devices. For some time, I had noticed that I turned up the TV much louder than my wife did, and I had problems following discussions with larger groups of people. After having my hearing tested, I got a prescription for two hearing devices, which I took to a hearing system specialist. I learned that besides normal hearing aids, there are “Made for iPhone” (MFi) hearing devices that are directly recognized and controlled by iOS. An Apple support document lists manufacturers and products that have earned the MFi label. Of course, as an Apple user, I had to get an MFi pair. After trying several different devices, I finally settled for a pair of Pure 312 3Nx by Signia. In this article, I describe my experience in setting up and using these devices.

Apple Doubles The Price Of RAM Upgrade On Entry-Level 13-Inch MacBook Pro, by Eric Slivka, MacRumors

While Apple does sometimes adjust upgrade pricing as its costs for components change over time, what makes today’s change unusual beyond the fact that it is an increase rather than a typical decrease is that the 13-inch ‌MacBook Pro‌ just launched less than a month ago.

Sign In With Apple Bug Discovery Earns Developer $100,000, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Disclosed on Saturday by security-focused developer Bhavuk Jain, a zero-day vulnerability in Sign in with Apple had the potential to let an attacker gain access to, and fully take over, a user's account on a third-party application. According to Jain, the bug would have enabled a change in control of the application's user account, regardless of whether the user had a valid Apple ID or not.


Apple Music Debuts New 'Interview Series' Podcast Hosted By Zane Lowe, by Hartley Charlton, MacRumors

The series is set to be home to interviews with popular artists, often coinciding with the launch of new albums. Artists will speak “about their lives and the stories behind their songs,” in “candid, in depth conversations.”

Magic Keyboard For iPad Pro Mini-review: A Vast Improvement, by Samuel Axon, Ars Technica

Apple’s own apps and operating system make excellent, intuitive use of both the keyboard and trackpad. The same can’t be said for third-party apps, though, which are still playing catch-up.

The third-party app support will likely come over the next few months. In the meantime, using this Apple keyboard with an Apple tablet and Apple software works like a dream. It feels very good to type on, and the case and stand feel sturdy.

Some 10.5-inch iPad Pro Users Stuck In Reboot Loop After iPadOS 13.4.1 Update, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

A selection of posts on Apple's Support Community pages reveals there is an unusual problem affecting some owners of the iPad Pro. Users are reporting an issue where their table will reboot a short time after logging in to the device, sometimes within seconds of signing in.


Last Week On My Mac: It’s About User Choice, by Howard Oakley, The Ecletic Light Company

Software updates and upgrades should be a user’s choice, not something forced upon them. Now that we’re getting more detailed release notes, as well as long lists of the vulnerabilities which are addressed, those should be sufficient to lure every user who can update or upgrade to press ahead immediately. Instead, many who have no other reason for holding back, feel they must do so until they can be confident that the new version doesn’t break anything important.

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