The Tricks-and-Tools Edition Monday, September 14, 2020

This iPad Pro Upgrade Is So Good I’ve Almost Stopped Using My MacBook Pro, by Henry T. Casey, Tom's Guide

So, while macOS is more capable at having apps that work together, especially for the rare occasions when I need to use Skype and record audio from it at the same time for podcasting, I'm finding that the tricks and tools of the iPad Pro, along with its excellent screen, make it the primary device I move to when I leave my work computer at the end of the day.

New App Store Rules For Streaming Games Services, by Benjamin Mayo

Apple’s current position on this matter is indefensible. Simply, companies should be allowed to make an app that comprises a catalogue of games, and have those games be playable inside the same app. ‘100-in-1 minigames’ apps actually already exist on the App Store. The only difference with streaming services is where the game is physically being rendered.

Nvidia Buys Arm From SoftBank For $40 Billion, by Don Clark, New York Times

If completed, the transaction would instantly transform Nvidia into one of the most influential players in smartphone technology, a market that had previously eluded it. Arm, which licenses designs that other companies turn into chips, has long defined the computing technology found in most mobile devices. And Arm designs are starting to play a bigger role in cloud data centers.

But the deal is likely to prompt close scrutiny by antitrust authorities around the world. Influential Arm customers potentially affected by the transaction include Apple, Samsung Electronics,, Qualcomm and Huawei.

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I have no idea to make space on my iPhone so that I can download a rather-long audiobook onto the phone. After searching, in vain, of a button, somewhere, to tell the phone to remove 'temporary' files and phootos from the phone because there are perfectly good copies on the cloud, I've decided to just turn off iCloud Drive.

Not sure if there's a better way.


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