The World-Online Edition Sunday, November 1, 2020

Listen To The Globe, by Caitlin Kelly, New York Times

Americans may not be able to travel the world because of the pandemic, but thousands of foreign radio stations are easily accessible online to bring the world to you.

Delhi Teen Develops App To Help Those With Autism Spectrum Disorder Communicate, by Hindustan Times

Shruti Kakar, the 17-year-old developer who studies in Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, came up with an idea to develop this app a year ago while volunteering for the inclusive education centre at her school.

“I developed the app for people with the disability or inability to communicate verbally. I had met a boy my age some couple of years ago at my mother’s clinic who suffered from mild autism spectrum disorder. It was my first interaction with someone who had this condition. Last year, I volunteered at my school’s inclusive education centre and mentored a child with the condition,” Kakar said.

Blackbird. Pixar. iPhone., by

Companies are machines designed to scale. To grow as a business, serve more customers. To serve more customers, build more products. To build more products, find more builders. Naturally, the result is that a company grows with its ambitions, and its ambitions grow with its people.

But the Blackbird, Pixar, and the iPhone were not products of large, sprawling corporate bureaucracies. In fact, they were designed to be the polar opposite: a small, elite group of the most talented people available, working closely with experienced visionaries with a high degree of autonomy and a singular focus.

Apple Must Pay VirnetX $503 Million In Security-Patent Trial, by Christopher Yasiejko and Laurel Brubaker Calkins, Bloomberg

The companies have been embroiled in litigation for a decade. VirnetX, which said its inventions stemmed from technology it developed for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, argued that both VPN on Demand and Apple’s FaceTime features were using its inventions.

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The upcoming Mac with Apple Silicon will run iPad apps. What is yet to be revealed: will there be an iPad Pro that run macOS apps, or will an upcoming Macbook look more like an iPad Pro with the Magic (floating) keyboard and a detachable touch-screen?


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