The Repalce-Completely Edition Friday, November 27, 2020

Amazon And Apple 'Not Playing Their Part' In Tackling Electronic Waste, by Sandra Laville, The Guardian

MPs said consumers did not have control over the products they owned, they could not take components out to repair themselves and there were no access manuals on how issues could be fixed. “Instead, the charges proposed for repair by Apple in particular can be so expensive it is more economical to replace the item completely,” the report said.


Apple denied there was deliberate built-in obsolescence in its products. It said it was committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and was producing durable products which increasingly were made of recycled materials. The company said it encouraged consumers to send back their old phones, which were refurbished and put back into use, or its components recycled.

Apple Offering Free Three-month Apple News+ Trial Now Through Monday, by Christine McKee, AppleInsider

Apple launched a promotional Apple News+ offer this week that nets new users free access to the service for three months, two months longer than the typical one-month trial.

Ikea Smart Homes Now Have Scene Support, by Thomas Ricker, The Verge

Once updated, scenes will appear in a dedicated section at the top of the Ikea Home Smart app. One scene suggested by the app is “All off,” which can be configured to turn off every Ikea light in the home while silencing every Sonos-compatible speaker.

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