The Less-Uncertain Edition Sunday, December 6, 2020

Apple’s “EDR” Brings High Dynamic Range To Non-HDR Displays, by Stu Maschwitz, Prolost

When I watched the announcement of this display, I was curious how Apple would handle an HDR video monitor that was also tasked with the mundane duty of showing your email and your web browser. Was Apple planning on rendering the 255-255-255 “white” of Google’s home page at one brightness level, and the HDR overbrights from a video clip at a much brighter level, right next to each other, on the same display?

Apple Brought Back The Old Startup Chime With macOS 11. It's Actually A Bigger Deal Than It Might Seem., by Jason Aten, Business Insider

There is something valuable about the peace of mind that comes with familiarity. It makes something new less uncertain.

On Trusting Macintosh Hardware, by Jeffrey Paul

Modern Apple computers can no longer be fully used and maintained in 100% offline environments, or in ways that will reasonably ensure that the computer is free of state-ordered tampering.


Apple Mac Mini With M1 Review: Shockingly Good For The Money, by Brian Westover, Tom's Guide

If our Apple Mac mini with M1 review does anything, it's to highlight what Apple has always excelled at, releasing innovative products with an obsessive's eye for detail and a perfectionist's polish. The M1 Mac mini isn't a perfect machine, but it's surprisingly close. For a system that's offering a price cut from past versions while introducing new hardware and balancing Apple-centric software with Rosetta 2-translated apps, it's shockingly good, and while there are some issues, they're few and far between.

Never Forget An Idea Again With The Best Note-Taking Apps For Your iPad, by Sergio Velasquez, iDropNews

If you’ve used an iPad to work, study, or even play around for a while, you know that the big display makes everything easier than doing it on your iPhone. The best example I can think of is taking notes.


App Store Award Winners Receive Their Physical Trophies, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Inspired by the blue App Store icon, the award is made from 100% recycled aluminum, with the full icon on one side while the winner and category are engraved on the other.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Added His Pronouns To His Twitter Bio, by Mary Meisenzahl, Business Insider

"Introducing yourself as a cisgender person with your pronouns - which are words that are used to refer to someone without using their name - can make a more inclusive and safe environment for trans people to also share their pronouns...Another easy way to normalize sharing your pronouns is to add your pronouns to your social media bios or email signature" GLAAD advises.

Apple CEO Tim Cook On Māori Filmmaker Chelsea Winstanley's New Video Work Shot On Phone, by NZ Herald

"It's incredible to see art, creativity and technology come together in celebration of a new exhibit honouring Aotearoa New Zealand's indigenous Māori people and culture," Cook tweeted.