The Just-Enough-Stimulus Edition Monday, December 7, 2020

He Designed A Smartwatch App To Help Stop His Dad's Nightmares, by Martha Ann Overland, NPR

The idea, Tyler says, was to use technology to imitate something service dogs were already doing — recognizing a traumatic nightmare and then nudging or licking the person to disrupt the bad dream. He thought the smartwatch could do this with a gentle vibration.

But the tricky part was to provide "just enough stimulus to pull them out of the deep REM cycle and allow the sleep to continue unaffected," Tyler says.

Review: Keychron K1 Is The Wireless Keyboard Apple Should Have Made, by Wesley Hilliard, AppleInsider

The Keychron K1 is the perfect introductory mechanical keyboard for users coming from Apple's Magic Keyboard. It offers customization and the look and feel of mechanical keyboards without being too bulky or complex.

Apple Preps Next Mac Chips With Aim To Outclass Highest-End PCs, by Mark Gurman and Ian King, Bloomberg

The current M1 chip inherits a mobile-centric design built around four high-performance processing cores to accelerate tasks like video editing and four power-saving cores that can handle less intensive jobs like web browsing. For its next generation chip targeting MacBook Pro and iMac models, Apple is working on designs with as many as 16 power cores and four efficiency cores, the people said.


For higher-end desktop computers, planned for later in 2021 and a new half-sized Mac Pro planned to launch by 2022, Apple is testing a chip design with as many as 32 high-performance cores.

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I am expecting the rumors about new SKUs from Apple this week to be true, and we will get Fitness+ this week.

And I am not expecting anything else.


Time to get ready to say goodbye to 2020.


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