The Delivered-Sliently Edition Monday, December 21, 2020

NSO Spyware Used iMessage Bug To Spy On Journalists’ iPhones, by Zack Whittaker, TechCrunch

The researchers analyzed Almisshal’s iPhone and found it had between July and August connected to servers known to be used by NSO for delivering the Pegasus spyware. The device revealed a burst of network activity that suggests that the spyware may have been delivered silently over iMessage.

Logs from the phone show that the spyware was likely able to secretly record the microphone and phone calls, take photos using the phone’s camera, access the victim’s passwords, and track the phone’s location.

Apple AirPods Max Review: Stunning Sound, Painful Price, by Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian

The Apple AirPods Max are big, expensive and flashy noise cancelling-headphones that manage to stand out in a crowded market. They sound fantastic with most genres of music, brilliant with movies including some fancy virtual surround tech, plus superb noise cancelling that matches the best in the business.


They are also some of the most comfortable headphones I have worn, particularly over long listening sessions, despite being heavier than most.

iPhone Backup: A Case Of Software Incompetence, by Beyond Good and Evil

If you have an Apple product, don’t assume your backup works just because “Apple knows how to do it”, “Apple devices have no viruses” etc. Set a monthly reminder and check that your backups are alive and well.

Apple Maps Vehicles Collecting 'Look Around' Imagery In Israel, New Zealand, And Singapore, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

LiDAR-equipped Apple Maps vehicles are surveying select regions of Israel, New Zealand, and Singapore through early 2021, collecting street-level imagery and data, according to a list of locations maintained on Apple’s website.