The Find-Accessories Edition Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Apple Starts Allowing Third-parties To Join The Find My App Ahead Of AirTags Launch, by Wesley Hilliard, AppleInsider

Apple launched the Find My Accessory Program in June 2020 to certify third-party products.

Six months later and the first products to take advantage of the feature are being announced, including the latest Belkin SoundForm Pro true wireless earbuds. These will show natively in the app, the same way that your Apple devices do.

Medical Study Suggests iPhone 12 With MagSafe Can Deactivate Pacemakers, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

It doesn’t sound like there is concrete evidence that iPhone 12 and MagSafe do pose a greater risk of increased interference but with this study out now, we may see more testing in the medical field to find out for sure.

Apple Highlights Commitment To Privacy In New Ads On First Day Of CES 2021, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple has often used CES as an opportunity to promote the company’s commitment to privacy, and this year is no different, with Apple releasing two short privacy-focused ads that highlight how Face ID data and Apple Pay purchase history is not shared with Apple.

New Interfaces

Is App Library For Me?, by Tech Reflect

I hope that this helps you decide whether to use this unique and powerful new feature. And I hope you realize I’m actually making fun of the feature.

Big Sur’s Icons Die In The Dock, by Howard Oakley, Eclectic Light Company

I’m now reliant on position within the Dock for distinguishing several of Apple’s app icons. What works neatly in Launchpad and iOS/iPadOS doesn’t do at all well in the Dock.


Apple Releases iOS 12.5.1 For Older iPhones With Bug Fix For COVID-19 Exposure Notifications, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple has released iOS 12.5.1 for older iPhones and iPads today, roughly one month after the release of iOS 12.5. The update includes bug fixes for the COVID-19 exposure notification feature.

AirPods Max Warranty Replacements Don’t Include New Ear Cushions Unless Necessary, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple’s assumption is that you should take the ear cups from your damaged AirPods Max and use them with your new pair.

Find The MagSafe Case That's Right For You, by Parker Ortolani, 9to5Mac

For the first time ever you can get any of the 2020 cases for all four flagship models all the way from the tiny iPhone 12 mini to the ginormous iPhone 12 Pro Max. So which case is right for you? Apple is currently offering clear cases, silicone cases, and two different styles of leather case.

Widgetsmith For iOS Updated With New Health And Fitness Widgets For Your iPhone’s Home Screen, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Widgetsmith now includes a variety of new step-counting widgets. You can set a daily step goal, then add a widget to your iOS 14 home screen that shows your progress toward that goal.

ESR HaloLock: Magsafe Compatible Car Vent Mount, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

For long trips, keeping your iPhone charged is crucial, so it’s not surprising that other manufacturers are filling the gap.

Puppr Review: Teach Your Dog New Tricks, by Alex Guyot, MacStories

The app is a simple and fun instructional tool for teaching your dog new behaviors and tricks. Since I’ve been staying with my parents for the last couple of months, I decided to take it for a spin doing some training with the family dog.


Biogen Will Use Apple Watch To Study Symptoms Of Dementia, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Biogen is launching a new virtual research study in collaboration with Apple, one that will look into how an Apple Watch and iPhone could help monitor a person's cognitive decline, a potential symptom of dementia and neurological diseases.

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I am not feeling particularly optimistic about this year.


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