The Up-to-the-Job Edition Sunday, January 17, 2021

Are Women Let Down By Period Trackers?, by Zoe Kleinman, BBC

When journalist Orla Barry received a notification from her iPhone informing her that her period was due "any day in the next three weeks", she shared it on social media with wry amusement.


These apps do face a big challenge - periods are not always renowned for their punctuality. But are they up to the job?


Apple Adds VolunteerMatch Guides To Apple Maps Ahead Of MLK Day Of Service, by Ian Sherr, CNET

Apple has teamed up with VolunteerMatch to help people find a new way to give back to their communities this Monday, which is a federal holiday to celebrate civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

HomePod Mini: Big Sound Small Complaint, by Bob Levitus, Houston Chronicle

For example, I was out for a walk and tried to send an Intercom voice message to my kitchen HomePod mini from my Apple Watch; an alert informed me that, “There was a problem with Intercom. Please try again later.”

Logitech HomeKit Doorbell Is Ready To Rule The Roost, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

It’s got a sharp and simple design, HomeKit Secure Video support, face recognition, and an impressive price point – particularly if you’re willing to handle the installation yourself.


The Death Of Apple's Touch Bar Is Long Overdue, by Brenda Stolyar, Mashable

Sure it looks cool, but it's super unintuitive — adjusting things like volume and brightness requires extra taps, and it's not even optimized for all apps.

DOJ Keeps 80-year-old Music Licensing Rules Affecting Apple Music Intact, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

The Department of Justice has chosen to keep 80-year-old consent decrees relating to music licensing rules intact, a decision that keeps the way Apple Music secures licenses for songs and tracks the same without any major legal changes.

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There were quite a few years that I didn't buy any new Macs. And so I avoided both the butteryfly-keyboards and the touch-bar.

But, with my failing eyes, as well as the likelihood that I will not be going anythere else to work besides my home and my office (maybe starting sometime this year?), it is very possible that I will not be buying another laptop for the rest of my life.


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