The Witnesses-to-Uprisings Edition Saturday, January 23, 2021

Apple Donates George Floyd Mural From Downtown Portland Store To Don’t Shoot PDX, by Mike Rogoway, The Oregonian

Apple has given the enormous Black Lives Matter mural covering its downtown store to Portland civil rights organization Don’t Shoot PDX.

The panels “reflect the responses of so many that were witnesses to this summer’s uprisings and the joint call to action against institutionalized violence and white nationalism,” Don’t Shoot PDX wrote in its newsletter this week.


This Is The Best Budgeting App For Over-spenders, by Nadine El-Bawab, CNBC

The PocketGuard app is ideal for over-spenders who want routine reminders of how much they can spend on a day-to-day basis.

It is the best choice for those who struggle to keep track of their spending and want to improve their saving skills. Its features allow you to get into the habit of keeping a close eye on your finances and spend more wisely.

Focos Photo Editor For iOS Updated With Support For Apple ProRAW Images, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Focos is a popular photo editor for iOS that brings advanced tools to edit images with depth field taken using Portrait Mode on iPhone. The app was updated this week with some interesting new features, including support for the Apple ProRAW image — which is available for iPhone 12 Pro users.

Streaks 6.1 Introduces An Incredibly Useful Stats Widget For iOS 14, by Mike Schmitz, The Sweet Setup

Streaks, our pick for the best habit tracking app, just received an update to version 6.1. The update adds a bunch of small health and automation features, but the thing that I’m excited about is the addition of the Stats widget.

FoodShiner Keeps Track Of Your Food So It Doesn't Get Wasted, by Oliver Haslam, iMore

You tell FoodShiner what food you have, where it is in your home – fridge, freezer, cupboard, down the back of the sofa – and when it will expire. And then you get on with your life. FoodShiner does the rest.

The Best Outdoor HomeKit Cameras For Securing Your Home, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

Integrating your cameras into HomeKit is one of the best ways to build up your smart home environment, but which cameras are the best? This week, I will give you all the information about the best HomeKit cameras for securing the outdoors of your home in 2021.


Apple Finally Publishes macOS Big Sur Sketch Library For Designers And Developers, by Parker Ortolani, 9to5Mac

Nearly two months after macOS Big Sur’s public release, the Apple human interface team has finally released an updated Sketch library optimized for its top to bottom redesign. User interface designers and developers have been anxiously awaiting this new design kit for quite awhile.

Traits Of A Good Accessible iOS App, by Dani Devesa

At the time of writing this post, there are 17 different traits that you can use to define your UI controls. Button, Selected, Not Enabled, Adjustable… are some examples. You can find the full list in Apple’s documentation. But sometimes, it might not be straightforward to understand what these traits really mean, or how they affect the user experience, in the documentation so I thought it would be a good idea to write a bit about some of them.


Apple Paid Lobbyist To ‘Educate Policymakers’ Regarding Bill To Stop Uighur Slave Labor, by Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

Apple, the trillion dollar tech company, paid a consulting firm $90,000 to “educate policymakers” regarding a bill that would prohibit U.S. companies from using forced labor of Uighur Muslims in China, according to lobbying disclosure reports filed on Friday.

The Convenience Of Delivery Apps Is Ruining Restaurants, by Deepti Sharma, Eater

Instead, we can start by recognizing how we got here. How our need for fast meals at low prices displaced an entire industry while pushing hourly workers to become our own personal couriers. Once we look in the mirror, we can start taking the right steps to restore some of the dignity and equality that’s been stripped away by a decade of growth and mass convenience.

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