The Involuntary-Movements Edition Friday, February 5, 2021

Apple Watches Can Help Track Parkinson's Disease Symptoms, Study Shows, by Mario Aguilar, STAT

Researchers at Apple, working with specialists who treat Parkinson’s, designed a system that uses the Apple Watch to detect the motor symptoms that are a hallmark of the neurological disease. By monitoring resting tremors and other involuntary movements, the researchers were able to identify the characteristic “on” and “off” patterns of medication’s effects.

An Apple Watch Anniversary Gift And The Future It Helped Change, by Apple

Last September, Lori March gave her husband Bob an Apple Watch for their 17th wedding anniversary. Bob was always reluctant to spend on himself, so when Lori presented him with the Apple Watch she told him, “An investment in your health is an investment in our future.”

She had no idea at the time how prophetic those words would be.


HomeKit Power User App 'Home+ 5' Welcomes Automation Folders, Backups, And A Friendly Design, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Matthias Hochgatterer has been developing the best HomeKit app for power users since before Apple ever shipped their own Home app. The latest version of the third-party HomeKit management app called Home+ 5 brings a redesign and new ways to customize and organize complex smart home configurations.

The Best App For Beginners Looking To Track Their Expenses, by Elizabeth Gravier, CNBC

With Goodbudget, users are required to manually input each one of their transactions using the "envelope method." This way, they're held accountable to practice conscious spending and can see exactly where their money goes each month.


How Apple's M1 MacBook Changed My Mind About The Next iPad, by Scott Stein, CNET

The iPad's processor has already been extremely powerful for years. Now that the new Macs have shown off what M1 chips are really capable of, why not have the iPad do more -- and handle more multitasking, too?

Facebook's Not The Only One Worried About Apple's Privacy Change — Snap And Unity Both Just Warned Investors About It, by Megan Graham, CNBC

Snap and Unity Software, which reported fourth quarter earnings after the bell Thursday, both warned of the upcoming impact from Apple's privacy changes set for this spring.

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