The Green-and-Blue Edition Sunday, February 28, 2021

Apple Selling Limited-edition Billie Eilish Gift Card Following TV+ Documentary Release, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

The Billie Eilish Limited Edition Apple Gift Card features a colorful design that matches Eilish’s branding, being primarily green and blue.

Review: Keychron K3 Is A Classic Mechanical Keyboard In A Modern Compact Form, by William Gallagher, AppleInsider

It manages to be compact without any obviously overt compromise on the travel of the keys or the rigidity of the keyboard.

Why I No Longer Run To Music: A Different Runner’s High, by Ethan Eisenberg, The New Paltz Oracle

But as I hear the sound of my breath and feel my mid-foot striking the pavement, I have no desire to go too fast. Instead of hearing music in my head, I hear nothing but silence and my body’s whispers. Little messages of, engage your core so your back doesn’t hurt or land higher up on your foot to avoid a heel strike.

‘Death Squad’ That Tossed 2,000 Patents Challenged At High Court, by Greg Stohr and Susan Decker, Bloomberg

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether to declare unconstitutional a system that technology companies, including Apple Inc. and Google Inc., have used to invalidate hundreds of patents and head off litigation.

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It is almost March. Time for Apple to start a new season of product announcements, isn't it?

Some of the questions to be answered this season:

Will iPad Pros be differentiated against the regular iPads by using the M1 chip? What are the new features Apple is brining to the pro line?

Will we finally see newly-designed Mac and MacBooks? Or will Apple release one-round of all the still-look-like-Intel-Mac versions first?

Will the iPad be renamed iPad SE? Will there be a Mac SE?


Personally, I wish Apple will continue to have an iPhone Mini, so that when I finally decide to buy a new iPhone, I can get a latest-yet-lightest iPhone. I also wish Apple start to tackle mental health to make its health-and-fitness focus more rounded.


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