The All-the-Apps Edition Friday, March 12, 2021

Apple Now Showing Privacy Labels For All Of Its Apps In One Central Location, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

As part of Apple’s efforts to be more transparent about privacy on its devices and operating systems, the company today launched a new webpage on its official website that shows privacy labels for all Apple-developed apps. This includes native iOS and macOS apps as well as other apps from the company available in the App Store.

How Worried Should You Be About Your M1 Mac’s SSD Lifespan?, by Jon L. Jacobi, Macworld

What we’ve established is that macOS pounds the SSD pretty hard and the less memory you have, the more it pounds. But it’s also very likely that the SSD will last far, far longer than most think.

I Hope watchOS 8 Has More Features To Help With Mental Health, by Luke Filipowicz, iMore

While you can't quite track your mental health on Apple Watch, that doesn't mean that there aren't features that can help you with your anxiety. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health, and what works for me may not work for you, but here are just a couple of things I have found helpful lately.

On Security

First Browser-Based Side-Channel Attack Against Apple's M1 Chips Works Even With Javascript Disabled; More So Than Other Architectures, by Taha Broach, The 8-Bit

A team of researchers has demonstrated a new browser-based side-channel attack that works even if Javascript is blocked, one that affects hardware platforms including Intel Core, AMD Ryzen, Samsung Exynos, and even Apple’s M1 chips. Surprisingly, the researchers concluded that due to simpler cache replacement policies, their attacks are more effective on the M1 and Exynos chips.


Notability, The Top-selling Note-taking App Brings iPad Experience To Mac, by Prakhar Khanna, Pocketnow

Notability enables users to capture ideas and create seamless hand-written digital notes. And the new Mac gives users all the features they love on Notabiilty for iPad.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo Review: Adjustable iPad Stand And Shelf Clamp, by Ed Hardy, Cult of Mac

The best feature of the HoverBar Duo is its flexibility. And I don’t only mean that its multiple hinges allow it to hold your tablet or phone at a wide variety of angles. Because Twelve South’s accessory includes both a desktop stand and a shelf clamp, it can be used in a wide variety of ways and locations, from garage to kitchen to office.

Timedash Is A New Collection Of Gorgeous 70s-inspired Clock Widgets For iPhone & iPad, by Parker Ortolani, 9to5Mac

Design and branding studio TIN has created a series of beautiful new time and date widgets for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 called “Timedash.” The app includes several different analog and digital clock widgets that also incorporate weather and step counting.


Apple Tells European Developers To Contact DHL Over Problem DTK Returns, by William Gallagher, AppleInsider

Following a number of difficulties concerning parcel firm DHL failing to collect Developer Transition Kits from developers in the EU, Apple is publicizing a hotline. Alongside previous details in the Apple Developer Forums about returning the DTK, Apple has now added more information specifically for European developers.


Apple Sues Former Employee Over Device Leaks To Media, by Christine McKee, AppleInsider

The former materials lead at Apple has been sued by the company, with the complaint addressing alleged misappropriation of trade secrets that were then sold to an unnamed publication in exchange for favorable coverage of a startup.

Requiem For The iMac Pro, The Ultimate Mac Of The Intel Era, by Jason Snell, Macworld

Maybe someday there will be a tell-all book written by someone inside Apple during the 2010s. Maybe we will eventually know exactly what happened that led to a bit of a lost decade for the Mac, one that will be remembered for a failed attempt to rethink the Mac Pro and a series of questionable hardware decisions that hobbled Mac laptops for years.


But in my opinion, there’s a single Mac model that tells a good portion of the story all on its own. It’s a Mac that was a remarkably good computer on its own, but also one that represented an approach to the Mac that Apple itself would end up repudiating.

Bottom of the Page

I have one single page of widgets and apps on my iPhone homescreen. And everytime I drag an app icon out of the App Library onto the homescreen, all the apps and widgets immediately start to re-arrange themselves just to annoy me.

So I've added a second page just for adding new apps.



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