The Voice-Driven Edition Saturday, April 3, 2021

HomePod Mini Puts HomeKit And Siri In Every Room Of Your House, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

After filling my house with HomePod minis, I’ve now discovered how essential having a voice-driven Home assistant in every room is for your home. Read on to learn why, despite having a lower-quality music speaker, the HomePod mini and HomeKit are the perfect match for each other.

Some Fancy E-Bikes Have Their Own Apps. We Tried Two, by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, TidBITS

Many will happily dispense with the apps if it saves them money on the hardware, and you don’t need software to have a blast on an e-bike. But for those who can afford it, such app-based functionality turns e-bike riding into a high-tech adventure.

Apple Leadership Webpage Updated With John Ternus As SVP Hardware Engineering, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Earlier this year, Apple announced that Dan Riccio would be transitioned to a new position in the company and that John Ternus would take over as leader of the hardware team. It seems now that this transition has been completed as the company updated its Leadership webpage today with Ternus as SVP Hardware Engineering, while Riccio is no longer listed there.

Here's The Story Behind The Amazing Moscone Center Vaccine Playlist, by Peter Hartlaub, San Franciso Chronicle

But everyone’s pretty sentimental right now, waiting for their turn to get the shot or basking in the sweet afterglow. And the Moscone Center’s reported playlist of positive songs is a gift. The Pfizer vaccine is not the only thing I want injected directly into my arm.

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I do often encounter failures when using the double-tap gesture on my AirPods. Most often is the audio that I am expecitng to play failed to start. I will then have to take out my phone, unlock the phone (using passcodes, like an animal!), launch the app, and press play. This is troublesome.

But worse: I think I looked like an idiot, tapping and tapping my ears out in the public.


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