The Explain-the-Why Edition Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Are Apple And Others' Tech Launches A Better Watch Because Of Covid?, by James Clayton, BBC

Certainly pre-recorded videos remove risk, but as anyone who's watched a football match behind closed doors can attest - a crowdless stadium can create a sterile atmosphere. Not what you want when you're trying to get people excited about a product.

Calm Down, Tech Events Are Good, Really, by Ken Segall

I see every Apple event as the ‘opening argument” in the court of public opinion for a new batch of products. This is Apple’s chance to show its cards, explain the “why” and lay the groundwork for marketing to come.

You can get the facts online anytime. But there’s a human side to technology (at least there should be) that exists only in these events, when Apple execs stand before us and make their case. That can be a plus or a minus, and it is revealing either way.

App Store Policies

Mac App Store Review Folly, by Jeff Johnson

You can trust me as a developer because I've proven myself trustworthy over 15 years of shipping Mac software. But don't uncritically place your trust in the App Store itself to protect you. Caveat emptor!

Discord Loosens NSFW Server Ban On iOS, by Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

Apple does offer a partial loophole, though, which Discord is taking advantage of: “incidental mature ‘NSFW’ content” is allowed in iOS apps, so long as it’s hidden by default. Apple requires that users opt in via a website — not the app itself — and that’s exactly how Discord has set up its system to reenable access to NSFW content.

Parler Will Relaunch On Apple’s App Store Next Week, by Adi Robertson, The Verge

Apple reaccepted Parler after a months-long ban under pressure from lawmakers, two days before a hearing on Apple’s App Store policies. The company said Parler — which promotes itself as a less strictly moderated alternative to Facebook or Twitter — had engaged in “substantial conversations” with Parler, resulting in a set of proposed changes that would meet Apple’s content policy.


Agenda 13, by Agen Schmitz, TidBITS

Momenta has released version 13 of its Agenda date-focused note-taking app, providing faster navigation through menus and calendars thanks to added keyboard navigation and filtering support.

IKEA's Revamped AR App Lets You Design Entire Rooms, by Jeremy White, Wired

Starting in open beta, SPACE10 ideally wants users to help hone the final offering of Studio, but for now it lets you capture complete 3D room plans with measurements, including windows and doorways, and it detects your existing furniture and places white boxes on the plan where your current chairs, tables, sofa reside.

From there you can place furniture, shelving systems, decorations and change wall colours, then export your design in both 3D and 2D and send it to others for approval or ridicule. The models can also include ceilings so you can add in virtual suspended light fittings. Other new features include being able to interact with items, such as turn AR lamps on and off, and place items on top of each other, say a lamp on a sideboard for example.

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I think my wallet will be safe when I wake up tomorrow morning when I will be reading all the new products and services that Apple has in store for us.

One thing that I've learnt after staying at home for an entire year is that I can probably do without a lot of things that I thought I need previously.


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