The Risk-is-Low Edition Saturday, May 15, 2021

FDA Investigates MagSafe And iPhone 12 Pacemaker Interference, Says Patient Risk Is Low, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

In a press announcement this week, the FDA wrote that it has conducted its own testing to confirm the findings of earlier studies on MagSafe’s impact on implanted medical devices. The administration says that the “risk to patients is low” and that it is “not aware of any adverse events associated with this issue at this time.

With that being said, the FDA does note that there are several precautions people can take.

Apple Stores Keep Mask Mandate As Company Evaluates Measures, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Apple Inc. has informed its U.S. retail stores that a mask mandate and other Covid-19-related procedures remain in place for now, though the company says it continues to evaluate health and safety measures.

The Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker added that its first priority is employee and customer safety. The comments to retail store staff come after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a mask in most public settings.

Today At Apple Sessions Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

Apple will offer Getting Started with iPhone and Getting Started with iPad sessions presented live in American Sign Language and using VoiceOver, the assistive screen reader built into iPhone and iPad. Getting Started sessions cover the fundamentals of iOS and iPadOS, customization, and favorite tips.

On App Stores

Apple Said Roblox Developers Don’t Make Games, And Now Roblox Agrees, by Adi Robertson, The Verge

Massively popular game creation tool Roblox is now a massively popular experience creation tool Roblox, possibly in response to the ongoing Epic v. Apple trial.


Apple Discontinuing Space Gray Mac Accessories Now That iMac Pro Is Dead, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Following the discontinuation of the iMac Pro, Apple also appears to be discontinuing Space Gray "Magic" accessories that it sold separately alongside the iMac Pro.

These Are The 9 Best Apple AirTag Accessories, by Tyler Hayes, Newsweek

The biggest downside is that AirTag has no easy way to clip it onto a bag or key chain out of the box. That's where all these AirTag accessories come in. Out of the gate, these are the best ways to keep your keys, bags and even sunglasses from going missing.


iPhone User Discovers MagSafe And Ferrous Sand Do Not Mix, by Wesley Hilliard, AppleInsider

A Reddit post from an iPhone user in Tahoe showed an interesting image of an iPhone covered in ferrous debris arranged around the magnetic parts of the device. The post said "the sand in Tahoe is magnetic and stuck to my phone."

Former Apple Engineer Accuses Company Of Defamatory Statements Over Dismissal, by Tim Higgins, Wall Street Journal

“I did not ‘part ways’ with Apple. I was fired by Apple in a snap decision,” he wrote on his verified Twitter account Friday. “Apple has issued a statement that clearly implies there was some negative behavior by me during my time at Apple. That is defamatory and categorically false.”


In an interview Friday after his tweets, Mr. García Martínez, 45 years old, said Apple was aware of his book before hiring him and the company had recruited and vetted him with his references, asking them questions about things he had written in his book and whether that was his real persona.

Privacy Activists Are Winning Fights With Tech Giants. Why Does Victory Feel Hollow?, by Evgeny Morozov, The Guardian

Yet I wonder if these surprising victories for the privacy movement may, in the end, turn out to be pyrrhic ones – at least for the broader democratic agenda. Instead of reckoning with the broader political power of the tech industry, the most outspoken tech critics have traditionally focused on holding the tech industry to account for numerous violations of existing privacy and data protection laws.

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The problem I have with iCloud Drive -- as a way to have all my files available on all my devices -- is that I cannot rely on the drive having the files that I want when I want them.

I now regularly open up Activity Monitor on my Mac just to kill the 'bird' process.

There has to be a better way.


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