The Use-and-Misuse Edition Sunday, May 16, 2021

13 AirTag Tracking Scenarios, by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

Now that I’ve had a chance to experiment with some AirTags, and Apple has released specifics on the intention and limitations of tracking, this article focuses on scenarios that attempt to think through the consequences of how people will use and misuse AirTags. There are a lot of terrific ends to which AirTags will be put, and I believe those represent the vast majority of cases of how they’ll be used.

Apple AirTag: A Brilliant Car Tracker, As This Road Test Proves, by Barry Collins, Forbes

An Apple AirTag could be used to track all manner of things: people, belongings, pets and even vehicles. But is a $29 device really up to the job of tracking the whereabouts of your car - especially if it’s stolen?

I’ve spent the past week using the AirTag to track my partner’s car, as she goes about her daily commute and everyday life. Here’s what I’ve found - and why the AirTag might well prove to be worth every cent if your car is stolen.

We Dropped, Washed And Froze Apple AirTags To Test Their Durability. Here's What Happened, by Lexy Savvides, CNET

The AirTag doesn't claim to be waterproof, but it is water and dust resistant according to Apple. It also has a user-replaceable battery which made me even more curious to test the water resistance. Turns out, these trackers are incredibly durable.


Make It Easy To See, Touch And Voice Control Your iPhone: How To Make Your Phone Accessible, by Jennifer Jolly, USA Today

Here are seven simple iPhone secrets to share with – or set up for – seniors that can make life a whole lot easier all the way around. One note here, many of these features work with iPads as well, as long as you have iOS 13 or 14 on your devices.

Siri And Numbers, by Dr Drang, And Now It's All This

By using Siri as a sort of secretary, I don’t have to switch between my measuring tools and a notebook, and I don’t have to worry about mistyping a number on my phone’s keyboard. Over the past year, I’ve learned a new Siri trick with numbers: addition.

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I'm so tempted to buy myself some AirTags.

Except that I am really not going anywhere. We are in lockdown here in Singapore. Well, a 'lite' version -- most businesses are open, but no group size bigger than two, no taking off masks anywhere outside of home, and no dining in restaurants.

And, this is probably something that only Singaporeans can understand -- no going to the airport to do shopping.

So, no, I am not giving in to the temptation to buy some AirTags. Yet.


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