The Wi-Fi-Disable Edition Sunday, June 20, 2021

Bug In iOS Can Break iPhone Wi-Fi Using Rogue Hotspot Name, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

On trying to connect to the hotspot, Schou discovered the iPhone simply couldn't connect to it at all, and later discovered that it disabled Wi-Fi connectivity completely on the device.

Apple MagSafe Accessories Designed To Fulfill Every Tech Lover’s Dream!, by Neha Mistry, Yanko Design

Keeping in mind more MagSafe-loving tech enthusiasts like me, we have curated a list of designs that will help you use the MagSafe functionality to its maximum capability!

Catch Some Shut-Eye With Our 7 Favorite Sleep Sounds, by Parker Hall, Wired

Finally, I discovered Rainforest Sounds by Voice Apps, LLC. It's a layered soundscape built on top of a softly rolling stream. You hear birds chirping, the low hoot of an owl, and other soothing sounds in a combination that captures your attention and then does nothing with it.

Adventures In Writing Othello Software For iOS And macOS, by Nadim Kobeissi

One fair warning: nothing in this post discusses achievements that should be considered technically impressive or potentially even interesting. This is a tale of a nice and rewarding personal adventure that I embarked upon, nothing more.

Ireland Wants A 'Compromise' On Biden's 15% Global Tax Plan, by Silvia Amaro, CNBC

Ireland, the European home of tech giants like Apple and Google, is looking to reach a compromise over global taxation that recognizes "the role of legitimate tax competition," the country's finance minister told CNBC on Friday.

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Maybe Apple should sell MagSafe magnets so that everyone can make MagSafe products that I can buy on Etsy.


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