The Criticism-Addressing Edition Saturday, September 4, 2021

Apple Promises To Change iPhone Photo-scanning Plans To Address Criticisms, by Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

Apple said Friday that it will make some changes to its plan to have iPhones and other devices scan user photos for child-sexual-abuse images. But Apple said it still intends to implement the system after making "improvements" to address criticisms.


The statement is vague and doesn't say what kinds of changes Apple will make or even what kinds of advocacy groups and researchers it will collect input from.


Playbyte’s New App Aims To Become The ‘TikTok For Games’, by Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

A startup called Playbyte wants to become the TikTok for games. The company’s newly launched iOS app offers tools that allow users to make and share simple games on their phone, as well as a vertically scrollable, fullscreen feed where you can play the games created by others. Also like TikTok, the feed becomes more personalized over time to serve up more of the kinds of games you like to play.

Play Pinball With Trolls Or Kung Fu Panda In Latest Apple Arcade Game, by Ed Hardy, Cult of Mac

Zen Studios, the developer, promises more tables are on the way.


In Letter To Tim Cook, Apple Workers Seek Action On Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, by Carrie Mihalcik, CNET

A group of Apple employees on Friday published an open letter to CEO Tim Cook and the company's senior leadership calling for the tech giant to improve how it treats workers and "fulfill its promise of inclusion, diversity and equity."

The letter comes as the US National Labor Relations Board is investigating two complaints filed by Apple employees alleging unfair labor practices by the tech giant.

Apple Employees Share 2021 "Close Your Rings" Challenge Gift, AirTag Designers Receive Custom Display, by Parker Ortolani, 9to5Mac

Apple appears to have given a unique custom AirTag display to members of the team that created the Find My trackers. The display includes six custom AirTags with the signatures of the team members staged in a sleek glass frame. The company has also begun to distribute their annual gift for completing the “Close Your Rings” Apple Watch fitness challenge.

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Bad: In the latest episode an Apple TV+ show, the phrase "Hey Siri" was spoken out loud by one of the character.

Worse: The phrase triggered a HomePod to start playing music, at a volume that is louder than the TV.

Worst: The HomePod played the wrong playlist.


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