The AR-Good Edition Monday, September 13, 2021

A Short History Of Every Time Apple CEO Tim Cook Praised Augmented Reality, by Kim Lyons, The Verge

But if you’ve been following Apple for a minute, you’ve probably heard Cook talk about the game-changing potential of augmented reality. While he once said it was hard to see the appeal of Google Glass, the AR wearable that proved unpopular with consumers, he’s held a consistently positive opinion on AR since at least 2016. While most of the industry was putting all its eggs in the VR basket, Cook repeatedly expressed support for what he views as the far superior AR. This would become a running theme: AR good, VR not so good.

App Developers Must Know That Any Alleged Ambiguity In The Epic Games V. Apple Injunction Favors Apple, Not Them: There Won't Be IAP Alternatives, Not Even In WebView, by Florian Mueller, FOSS Patents

The question is not whether a developer's interpretation of the injunction is somewhat reasonable. It's whether Apple's interpretation is so unreasonable as to constitute disobedience to a specific and definite court order.

That threshold is very high.

Epic Has Appealed Friday’s Ruling In The Epic V. Apple Case, by Kim Lyons, The Verge

Epic Games has filed an appeal to a Friday’s ruling in its lawsuit against Apple, calling on a higher court to reexamine the case and overturn the judge’s ruling.

How To Make Podcasts Better For People With Hearing Loss, by Zoe Pickburn, Wired

[T]here are some things that podcasters and other audio content creators can do to make their content more accessible for hearing impaired listeners or those with auditory processing disorder, and even more luckily, many of those adjustments will make the experience better for all listeners.

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Ever since I switched from Sublime Text to try out Visual Studio Code, it always amuses me that I now launch my text editor using Spotlight by typing 'vi'.

(Yes, I am easily amused.)

And while we are on the subject of launching apps via Spotlight: another Microsoft app that I use often is Microsoft Edge, which I launch by typing 'ed'. However, approximately once a week, my Mac decided that I don't really mean that when I type 'ed', and launch BBEdit instead. I will then have to teach Spotlight all over again that when I type 'ed', I meant Edge.

Today, I finally gave up. I've now switched to typing in 'mi'.

I hope I will not be surprised next week.


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