The Maliciously-Crafted Edition Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Apple Fixes Security Vulnerabilities In New Versions Of iOS, macOS, And watchOS, by Samuel Axon, Ars Technica

Specifically, two main issues have been addressed across Apple's platforms, one with Core Graphics and the other with WebKit. In both cases, maliciously crafted content (PDFs or web content) could be used for arbitrary code execution. Apple also says these updates fix an issue that allowed attackers to bypass Apple protections intended to stop code execution via Messages.

Apple Must Decide How Badly It Wants 30% Fee After Court Ruling, by Mark Gurman and Olga Kharif, Bloomberg

The judge’s 185-page decision following a May trial in a lawsuit by Epic Games Inc. left enough wiggle room for Apple to try to keep its App Store revenue stream largely intact, lawyers and analysts say, but doing so risks logistical hurdles and political blowback.

Apple Hasn’t Decided Whether To Appeal The Epic V. Apple Ruling, by Adi Robertson, The Verge

In a call with reporters, a representative said Apple was still evaluating its legal options and had not made a decision about its next steps. The position contrasts sharply with Epic, which announced yesterday that it intends to appeal.


Apple Announces Shazam Has Been Used More Than 1 Billion Times From Control Center, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Apple said the most Shazamed track was “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars, followed by “Astronaut in the Ocean” by Masked Wolf.

5 Completely Free Meditation Apps To Help Center Your Mind, by Maggie Seaver, Real Simple

But might we suggest you start your mental wellness journey with a totally and completely free meditation app? It's the best no-strings-attached way to dip your toe into everything from meditation basics to mindfulness-based breathing techniques, guided sessions to emotional check-ins.

Tempo Announces New Apple Watch Integration, by Colin Jenkins, Connect The Watts

The Tempo Studio uses 3D sensors with on-demand and live classes to track reps and provide real-time feedback. With their new Apple partnership, Tempo members can now use the Apple Watch to track their heart rate, pause and resume workouts, view the leaderboard, and more.


Hacking CloudKit - How I Accidentally Deleted Your Apple Shortcuts, by Frans Rosén, Detectify


People Protest Against CSAM On iOS Outside Multiple Apple Stores In The US, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

The report comes from Fight For The Future, which shows photos of people outside Apple Stores protesting the CSAM system. People there have posters with messages asking for “No spyware on our phones, ever.” The protests are being held hours before Apple announces the next generation iPhone and Apple Watch on Tuesday.

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