The Slip-into-October Edition Saturday, September 18, 2021

Where Apple Sees The Future Of Streaming, by Mihir Sharma, Bloomberg

Classical music is demanding on both reproduction and search. But that’s why classical music fans are who you should seek out if you want to figure out the future, as Apple has just done. Streaming, both audio and video, is going to come down to competition over metadata, quality (are all your movies available in 4K?) and discovery, not breadth of catalog or cost.

iPhone 13 Pro Shipping Estimates Slip Into October For Pre-orders, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

iPhone 13 pre-orders officially kicked off this morning, with some buyers faring better than others due to bugs affecting Apple Card, Apple Pay, and the iPhone Upgrade Program. Now, the availability of certain iPhone 13 models has started to slip into October.

Dealing with Regimes

Apple And Google Go Further Than Ever To Appease Russia, by Lily Hay Newman, Wired

The human rights implications of tech companies' actions reverberate around the world. But there have been few easy answers about how to proceed in dealing with authoritarian regimes. And it seems unlikely that international companies will withdraw from established markets in protest of restrictive laws.

Apple Shut Down A Voting App In Russia. That Should Worry Everyone., by Rebecca Heilweil, Vox

Apple’s ambiguous commitment to protect its users’ civil liberties is especially concerning because the company still insists that it should control large swaths of the software available on the iPhone. While developers like Epic Games have been pushing back against this “walled garden” approach, Apple still manages to maintain wide-ranging discretion over what programs and apps run on its devices. But as recent events in Russia make clear, Apple’s tight control over its App Store can be abused by authoritarian governments.


Why The iPad 9 Is Still A Great Deal Despite Its Classic Design, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Now in its ninth generation, the regular iPad still doesn’t look like its more expensive siblings, but it has enough features for it to be the best option for some users.

Soulver Smart Calculator App For Mac Adds Support For Publishing To The Web, Stock Price Data, More, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

This week’s update to Soulver adds support for publishing sheets via the web, integration with live and historical stock rates and currencies, and much more.

3 Easy iPhone Photography Apps To Help Beginner Photographers, by Tina Bailey, MakeUseOf

Whether you need to change the focal point, master night photography, or take the perfect selfie, you'll find the tools you need in this list.

Overcast For iOS Adds Home Screen Widgets, CarPlay Upgrades, And More, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Overcast’s widgets show an impressive amount of information, including episode cover art, titles, release date, and length. You can tap on any of the podcasts in the widgets to jump to that show and resume or begin playback.

Epic Ride Weather Review: One Of The Handiest Cycling Apps Just Got Better, by Ben Delaney, Velonews

The Epic Ride Weather app does just one thing, and it does it very well: it gives you detailed weather information for every point on your ride, including wind direction and wind speed.

These HomeKit Light Strips Feature A Unique ‘Paint Mode’ For Custom Lighting Options, by Bradley Chambers, 9to5Mac

Different areas of the light strip can display their own color, brightness, and saturation. The Onvis app includes some presets like Music, Painting, and Twinkle, but you can create your own, so you have the perfect scene for any particular holiday or occasion.


Tim Cook Faces Surprising Employee Unrest At Apple, by Jack Nicas and Kellen Browning, New York Times

A common theme is that Apple’s secrecy has created a culture that discourages employees from speaking out about their workplace concerns — not with co-workers, not with the press and not on social media. Complaints about problematic managers or colleagues are frequently dismissed, and workers are afraid to criticize how the company does business, the employees who spoke to The Times said.

“Apple has this culture of secrecy that is toxic,” said Christine Dehus, who worked at Apple for five years and left in August. “On one hand, yes, I understand the secrecy piece is important for product security, to surprise and delight customers. But it bleeds into other areas of the culture where it is prohibitive and damaging.”

‘Button’: A Clothing Fastener Becomes A Virtual Trigger, by Ben ZImmer, Wall Street Journal

For now, “button” will keep doing semantic double-duty. But as Apple’s litigation continues, courts may seek to define the venerable old word for a new generation of button-pushers.

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