The Identifying-Rides Edition Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Apple’s Wearable Update Is One For Cyclists To Watch, by Alice Clarke, Sydney Morning Herald

Julz Arney, director of fitness for health technologies at Apple, is an avid cyclist herself, and said that knowing when to start and stop a cycling workout wasn’t just a matter of copy-pasting the code from the similar running feature.

“Advanced algorithms analyse data from the GPS, heart rate, accelerometer and gyroscope to identify when you’re riding a bike,” she said.

How Apple Made The iPhone 13 Camera For TikTok Obsessives And Oscar Winners, by Robert Leedham, GQ

In practice, little about the iPhone’s camera is supposed to be esoteric, with almost all the behind-the-scenes trickery being done for you with a press of its shutter button. “Collect your iPhone, take the photo and don’t get lost in questions like ‘Is there enough light?’ or ‘Do I need to go into settings?’” says McCormack.

Apple Says The iPad Mini’s Jelly Scrolling Isn’t A Problem That Needs To Be Fixed, by Mitchell Clark, The Verge

Apple is correct in stating this effect is common in LCD displays. It’s very possible that the screen you’re reading this on right now would display the same effect if you loaded up a webpage that tests for it — my laptop shows it quite strongly. The reason it sticks out on the iPad Mini, though, is that it’s frequently used in alignments where the problem is most apparent — it’s not likely to be an issue on a landscape display where you’re scrolling vertically.

On Security

Apple Airtag Bug Enables ‘Good Samaritan’ Attack, by Krebs on Security

The new $30 Airtag tracking device from Apple has a feature that allows anyone who finds one of these tiny location beacons to scan it with a mobile phone and discover its owner’s phone number if the Airtag has been set to lost mode. But according to new research, this same feature can be abused to redirect the Good Samaritan to an iCloud phishing page — or to any other malicious website.

AirTags Can Be Weaponized By Injecting Code; Apple Says Fix On The Way, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Apple says that it does plan a fix, but no date is known, so for now, this vulnerability remains. If you do find an AirTag, note that no login is required to report it.

Coming Soon

Latest macOS Monterey Beta Shows Apple Still Working On ‘High Power’ Mode To Boost MacBook Performance, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

9to5Mac has now found references to a new “High Power Mode” added to macOS Monterey beta 8, which was released to developers earlier today. While “Low Power Mode” already exists and reduces the performance of Mac laptops to save battery life, “High Power Mode” is expected to do the opposite by letting users run apps at full performance even when the Mac is not connected to the power.


Apple Updates Pages, Numbers, And Keynote With New Features For iOS 15 And macOS Monterey, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple says Keynote now offers an option to show a live camera view of the presenter directly in slides across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In addition, Pages now automatically displays text and images in a single-column flow that is optimized for the iPhone, and Numbers introduces pivot tables for data analytics across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Some iPhone 13 Users Reporting Intermittent Touch Issues, Older Models Also Affected After Updating To iOS 15, by Sami Fathi, MacRumors

Some new iPhone 13 users are reporting intermittent touch issues on their new devices, a phenomenon where the iPhone does not respond to touch inputs by the user, sometimes requiring an entire device force restart to solve, or in other cases, repeated taps to trigger the system to react.

The Best Drawing Apps For Every Kind Of iPad Artist, by Jess Grey, Wired

There's just something uniquely intuitive about the pairing of the Pencil and Pro that makes me want to draw, sketch, paint, and take handwritten notes. And I'm not alone. The app ecosystem that sprung up around the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro is growing fast as more and more professional graphic artists ditch Wacom and Windows for Apple and iPadOS. If you're an aspiring digital artist, or a seasoned pro looking to make the leap, here are the apps you should try.

CARROT Weather 5.4: XL Widgets, Time Sensitive Notifications, Complication Customization, Themes, Icons, And More, by John Voorhees, MacStories

The update takes advantage of new iOS and iPadOS 15 features and continues to put more control in the hands of users with new customization options, themes, and icons.

CapCut, by Jordan Minor, PC Magazine

This free video editing app lets you create surprisingly robust little movies on your mobile device. It’s great for when 30 seconds just isn’t enough for your online filmmaking dreams.


I Tried Using A Time-Tracking App To Work Less, by Mia Armstrong, Slate

My time-tracker app is a personal intervention, not a systemic one. At first, I felt it incentivizing me to work more, to push my already work-obsessed tendencies to their limit. But as I’ve continued to use it, I’ve started to see it less as an enemy and more as a yardstick—what it’s meant to be, I suppose. Sometimes, I find within it permission to take a break. Other times I don’t. Time ticks on.


Apple, Google Asked To Turn In S.Korea Compliance Plans By mid-October, by Joyce Lee, Reuters

Apple and Alphabet's Google have been asked to turn in by mid-October compliance plans for a new South Korean law that bans major app store operators from forcing software developers to use their payment systems, a regulatory official said on Wednesday.

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