The More-Room Edition Monday, October 25, 2021

Apple Says Notch Is A 'Smart Way' To Give Users More Space For Content On New MacBook Pros, by Sami Fathi, MacRumors

Addressing the company’s decision, Shruti Haldea, a manager for the Mac Product Line and one of the presenters of last week’s Apple event, said during an interview on the Same Brain podcast that the notch offers a “smart” solution to the Mac as it provides users more room for their content.

iPad & Apple Pencil Artist's Review: A Decent Wacom Alternative For Digital Production, by Brian Patterson, AppleInsider

I enjoy the freedom the iPad and Apple Pencil gives me. I can sit on my patio on nice days and sketch with no issues or take the show on the road when travel and conventions return.

This was the goal for me anyway: To have a great way to enter meetings or attend conventions without an entire Pelican case of equipment to set up. I have that now.

The Apple Watch Series 7's Faces Still Don't Do It For Me, And The Problem Is The Hands, by Matthew Bolton, T3

This is a fundamental flaw if you're trying to design great watches, because the hands aren't just some boring practical aspect you can just slap on at the end. Designing a beautiful watch means means making every part match in tone and style, and the hands are vital for that – even if you still plan to keep things minimalist.


Apple's Latest MacBooks Pro Will Be Backordered Until At Least December, by Jennimai Nguyen, Mashable

Whether it's low supply or simply extra high demand — or perhaps some combination of the two, with other factors like worldwide shipping hiccups getting in the way — the latest MacBooks will be hard to come by for at least some time.

Apple TV+ To Launch In Korea On November 4 And Debut Korean Drama 'Dr. Brain', by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

To celebrate its digital service’s availability in the country, Apple will premiere its first Korean original series, “Dr. Brain,” on the same day. “Dr. Brain” is a Korean-language show based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name.


The Magic Of Bad Photos, by Pamela Paul, The Atlantic

It’s rare to see a bad photo today. If, by chance, a bad photo is taken and cannot be filtered, edited, or otherwise enhanced into something visually acceptable, it is swiftly deleted. Why hold on to anything less than perfect? Why, when with a cost-free click you can disappear it from your digital life, lest it ever inadvertently make its way onto someone else’s social feed, where it might be screengrabbed for eternity.

It wasn’t always like this.

Algorithms Were Supposed To Be The Future For Finding New Movies And Music. But Now We've Realized They'll Never Replace Your Cool Friend's Recommendation., by Drew Austin, Business Insider

Unlike other tedious tasks that artificial intelligence promised to automate, choosing our own music was actually fun, something we felt no need to outsource. And yet, it seemed inevitable that listeners would outsource it anyway, regardless of how much they enjoyed the process. Maybe the recommendations would eventually get so good that we'd even welcome the transition.

But Spotify, along with Netflix and many other digital products that provide personalized media recommendations, failed to realize what my friend already knew: Cool recommendations come from cool people. These algorithmic efforts to discern the precise nuances of users' individual preferences, by iteratively feeding their in-app behavior back to them, reflect a belief that personal taste is a product of nature rather than nurture. In other words, from this algorithmic perspective, our taste is intrinsic and immutable rather than an ever-changing result of our ongoing interactions with our environment.

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So, the next MacBook Air will come with a notch, too, right? And so will the next iMac, the next Apple monitor, and the next iPhone SE, I presume.

What will not come with a notch? Apple Watches will not, because I don't think Apple will ever place a camera on your wrist. (How creepy is that!)

And then, there's iPod Touch.



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