The Exclusive-Partner Edition Wednesday, November 3, 2021

How To Turn Your iPad Into A Mobile Recording Studio, by MusicRadar

In 2020, we might have told you that mobile music making can't yet offer the flexibility of a decent studio based around a powerful computer. However, a lot can change in a year. Fast forward to 2021, and Apple’s latest Pro iPads have the same M1 chips found in the company’s desktop and laptop machines, so the devices are very much on par power-wise with your standard computer.

Plus most of the latest iPads have USB and even Thunderbolt compatibility meaning you can plug in and play a range of audio interfaces, MIDI keyboards and more. And as we shall see, there are many such devices, and even more apps to run on iPads to make the mobile studio experience just that more, well, pro!

Apple Subscription Podcasts Adds BBC Studios, Slate, by William Gallagher, AppleInsider

Apple's Podcast Subscriptions service has gained an exclusive partner with BBC Studios, maker and distributor of BBC radio and television in the UK.

"Audio storytelling is where the BBC first began almost a century ago," said BBC Louise la Grange of BBC Studios, "and we're proud to expand on that tradition with the launch of BBC Podcasts Premium."

Apple Joins ‘First Movers Coalition’ In Its Goal To Become A Carbon-neutral Company By 2030, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

Apple has joined the “First Movers Coalition,” a partnership between the World Economic Forum and the US Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate to maintain its commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2030.


Procreate 5.2 Review, by Glen Southern, Creative Bloq

Procreate 5.2 just got 3D painting, and it's fantastic. This is an amazing update to what is already one of best painting apps on iPad. This update's biggest addition is the ability to take 3D models and use all the Procreate brushes, tools and effects right there on a 3D model, on your iPad.

Firefox 94 Brings Updated Homepage On iOS, Battery Saving Mode On Mac, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

The update adds a feature that jumps back to the last open active tab so you don’t lose what you were browsing when you close the app, and recently saved bookmarks are easier to find and get to.

Notability Users Will Not Lose Features They Paid During Freemium Switch, by Oliver Haslam, iMore

Following backlash surrounding plans to remove functionality that customers had already paid for, Ginger Labs has now confirmed that it is going to "correct course," giving customers lifetime access to Notability features and content that they already paid for — regardless of subscription status.


Fun With Charts: Apple’s Fiscal Year In Review, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

Make no mistake—the iPhone is the bulk of the business, and its growth seems even more impressive when you see it in the context of Apple’s other product lines.

Still, Services is coming on strong. I’m not sure if any of Apple’s existing product lines will ever be able to come close to iPhone revenue, but if there’s one of them that could, it’s Services.

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I have a mental model of how podcasts work, and Apple's Podcast app is not it.

When I first started listening to podcasts, it was still the era of iPods and iTunes. My mental model of podcasts is still a simple playlist that I can add podcast episodes. Of course, I've quickly figured out smart playlists and AppleScript to control the experience to my liking.

I could never align my mental model to what the new Apple Podcast app, when Apple separated out the podcasts from iTunes. Of course, by that time, I was already using third-part podcast apps on iPhone, and I have had no desire to figuure out Apple's app.

So long as there are still podcasts to listen to, I have no desire to get back on Apple's ecosystem. I definitely have no desire to subscribe to any premium podcasts on Apple (or anyone else's) platform.


By the way, if I cannot listen to any audio programme on any podcast app that follows the podcasting standard (i.e. RSS + Enclosure), I don't think you can call them podcasts. And you are definitely not podcasting.


By the way #2, I do appreciate BBC making many of its radio programmes available as podcasts. It is rare that I go through any day without listening to at least one of many BBC's podcasts.


Thanks for reading.