The More-of-an-Art Edition Sunday, November 14, 2021

Apple's Ad Privacy Change Impact Shows The Power It Wields Over Other Industries, by Kif Leswing, CNBC

Apple's change is only the first step towards a new, more private era of mobile advertising which relies less on data on individual users, and instead uses advanced statistics to infer the success of ad campaigns, ad professionals say.

"Maybe now we're going back into the world where advertising is less of a science, and now it has to be more of an art," Bauer said.

Are AirPods Out? Why Cool Kids Are Wearing Wired Headphones, by Rory Satran, Wall Street Journal

That aesthetic is the so-called “2010s Tumblr” vibe—itself a pastel, youthful take on 1990s grunge—that is proliferating on social media platforms. Shelby Hull, the Los Angeles-based marketing coordinator at Rostrum Records and the woman responsible for the @wireditgirls Instagram account, describes it as “this huge romanticization and resurgence of the Tumblr era, where people are looking at music as a whole aesthetic experience rather than just practical consumption.” She continued, “Low-fi tech is seen as more of an aesthetic experience and it contributes to that cool-factor.”

Apple To Pay $30 Million To Employees Subjected To Off-the-clock Searches, by Matthew Renda, Courthouse News Service

Apple offered to pay $29.9 million to employees who claimed they were subjected to routine searches of their bags off the clock in a settlement proposal filed in federal court Friday.


The case hinged on a practice Apple implemented that required employees to show their bags and Apple devices before leaving work. These procedures occurred off the clock; a class of employees sued in 2013, arguing they should be paid for their time undergoing security checks.

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Achievement of the day: Managed to convert most of the AppleScripts on my Mac to Shortcuts. Yes, there are still Shortcuts that are basically just calling shell scripts, but I'm fine with that.

On a related note, dear Apple, where is the "automation" section for Shortcuts on macOS? (Okay, at least there is still launchctl.)


I am so glad that the shortcuts I've had on my iPhone to play songs from multiple playlists in Apple Music work perfectly on macOS.


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