The Legacy-Use Edition Sunday, January 30, 2022

How We Ended Up With The 'Pregnant Man' Emoji, by Jason Snively, AppleInsider

In other words, due to the legacy use of the emoji and the importance of gender in its meaning, coupled with no modifier for non-binary because it's supposed to be the default, we are instead getting two additional independent variants. "Pregnant Man" (U+1FAC3) and "Pregnant Person" (U+1FAC4) will live alongside the original "Pregnant Woman" (U+1F930), breaking with convention.


Apple's $19 EarPods Are Hot Again, by Michael Andronico, CNN

Apple’s wired buds sound just fine for the price, and their handy inline controls and clear microphone give them an edge on wireless earbuds that are much more expensive. Plus, you never have to worry about running out of battery — or worse, a stray earbud going missing.

Apple Watch Wallet Sync Issues Found Following watchOS 8.4, iOS 15.3 Update, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

A small number of users are having problems with the Apple Wallet, with the Apple Watch version not properly syncing with their iPhone after the latest round of updates.


Apple Warns macOS Catalina Users About Installing macOS 12.3 Beta On Volume With FileVault Enabled, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple today updated its macOS 12.3 beta release notes to warn macOS Catalina users about a potential boot loop issue when installing the macOS 12.3 or macOS 11.6.4 betas on a separate APFS volume with FileVault enabled.


Hey Siri, How Old Am I? Some iPhone Users Given The Wrong Age, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

If you ask Siri how old you are, there is a decent chance that the voice assistant will get your age wrong if your birthday has yet to pass this year.

Stop Trying To Work In Multiple Browser Tabs. It's Terrible For Your Focus., by Rebecca Ruiz, Mashable

We need big-picture solutions to this problem. It's not one we should fight alone in the form of unitasking, or any other new tech habit. But I was also surprised at how different I felt after using a single window, as much as possible, for six weeks. Urgent tasks usually got done in one sitting. I read articles to their end. I engaged in undistracted digital conversations, pausing while someone typed a response instead of jumping to another tab. The noise of social media faded into the background because I stopped randomly dropping in when bored with another task. I spent lunch at my desk staring out the window, watching the trees grow buds, instead of mindlessly scrolling. I'm unsure of what I've missed when limiting my attention to a single activity, whether online or off, but I've also made peace with not knowing.

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