The Just-in-Time Edition Sunday, February 6, 2022

You Should Change The Way You Charge Your Smartphone, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

I can see how, "back in the day," when stuff took ages to charge up, an overnight charge made sense, but things charge up so rapidly now that switching to "just in time" charging makes more sense.


Does it reduce on battery wear? While I'm still trying to come up with ways to test this more definitively, my belief is that it must do, because charging causes battery wear, and less charging means less battery wear.

Stay Focused With A New Distraction-filtering App, by Daryl Baxter, TechRader

There have been efforts by Apple to look at how we manage our time on our devices, from Focus in iOS 15 to the ScreenTime feature in iOS 13. We asked Tigas what specifically made Ochi different from these and third-party focus apps.

“Rather than motivating people to focus on completing a particular task, Ochi instead helps steer people away from distractions so they can maintain focus for longer periods of time.”

Apple’s Notes App Is All Grown Up, by Bob Levitus, Houston Chronicle

But the best feature in Notes, at least for me, is its built-in scanner, which automatically captures printed pages with your iDevice camera, then straightens and saves it as a searchable PDF.

iPhone 13 Pro: The Edge Of Intelligent Photography, by Sebastiaan de With, Lux

iPhone 13 Pro is a big shift in iPhone photography. Not only are the cameras all upgraded in significant ways, but Apple’s adaptive, clever computational smarts have never been so powerful. Touching every aspect of the photographic experience, you might be surprised to at times become aware of its power and limitations alike.

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On the other hand, Apple is now offering to replace batteries in many of the devices for a -- in my humble opinion -- reasonable fee. So, go ahead, I'd say. Find a good and convenient battery-charging process for your devices, and don't worry too much about accelerating or not accelerating the batteries' degradation.

If you are curious: I also charge my iPhone through the day. (Usually, once around mid-noon, and once before bed time.) I don't charge my iPhone overnight, because I may want to plug in my EarPods to listen to radio in the middle of the night. (That's when I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep.)

I do charge my iPad overnight.


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