The Big-Bucks Edition Saturday, February 12, 2022

Big Tech’s 2021 Earnings Were Off The Chart, by Chaim Gartenberg, The Verge

But looking back at the numbers, one thing is clear: big tech is making big bucks even with things stacked against it, and unless things drastically change across the economy or the industry in 2022, it’s likely we’ll be looking back in 2023 at even bigger numbers than we are right now — at least, for whoever is left standing.


The Surprising Utility Of Apple's Free Stickies App, by Erik Eckel, TechRepublic

The app’s real strength, though, is that capacity to quickly create and access snippets of information as you need them. Then, when you’re done with a note’s information, you can toss it with a simple click when its no longer needed, just like the real thing.

Affinity Publisher 10 Review, by Ben Brady, Creative Bloq

For someone looking for design and publishing software for the first time then you should definitely invest. If you’re switching from Adobe then if the idea of being subscription-less hasn't already made up your mind – then the idea of having three apps, as an uncluttered and easily navigable package, all working quickly, and in unison, should do it.

My iPhone Knows My Inside Leg Measurement, by D. Cooper, Engadget

There are two real problems: Measurement, and manufacturing, issues that the fashion industry is wrestling with right now. A Taiwanese company, TG3D, has at least discovered a way to solve the first part of the equation with little more than an iPhone. It has developed a method of using FaceID to scan the geography of your body to give you a suite of measurements in minutes.

Zoom Claims Open Mic Mac Bug 'Did Not Result In Audio Data Being Transmitted', by Michael Simon, Macworld

If you’re seeing the microphone light active after updating to the latest version, we recommend simply quitting the Zoom app after your meeting has ended.


The Complicated Case Of Threes, 2048, And The Giants That Ripped Everyone Off In The End, by Kevin Nguyen, The Verge

When we speak now, nearly eight years after the release of Threes, Vollmer and Wohlwend are surprisingly at ease with how it all played out. They each make it clear that they have no hard feelings against any of the independent developers who made their own things inspired by Threes.

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