The Order-Compiled Edition Monday, February 28, 2022

Best Budgeting Apps For Managing Your Money And Keep Your Home Life In Order, by Alan Martin, LivingEtc

If you’re struggling with your finances, the best budgeting apps can really help you stay on the financial straight and narrow.

Given smartphones and data plans aren’t exactly cheap, it may feel a bit counterintuitive to use your iPhone or Android handset for money planning. But the best budgeting apps can help you focus on your incomings, outgoings and how much you’re able to set aside for a rainy day.

Chipolo Card Spot Review: Card-sized Tracker Works With Apple's Find My App, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

The Chipolo One Spot, a direct competitor to the AirTag, is already thinner and less obtrusive than Apple’s offering. The Card Spot goes a step further, offering a rigid case that’s just thick enough to hold a variety of compact electronics, an embedded speaker, and the battery to power them for up to two years.

Keychron Q1 Review: A Playground For Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts, by Wesley Hilliard, AppleInsider

The Keychron Q1 is a mechanical keyboard built for the enthusiast who wants to customize everything down to the switches while avoiding the mess of soldering keys.

5 Apps To Track Pregnancy, by George Philip, Betechwise

Knowing what are the best types of exercises or how the baby is inside the uterus, these are some relevant options found in apps to track pregnancy. In addition, they serve to remind you when to take that important medication or to adjust the appointment schedule.


Apple Says It Has Complied With Dutch Watchdog - Letter, by Toby Sterling, Reuters

Apple argued in a letter to the Dutch consumer watchdog obtained by Reuters on Monday that it has complied with an order to open its App Store to alternative payment providers for dating apps in the Netherlands.

Cope With The Rising Cost Of Digital Subscriptions, From Netflix To Amazon Prime, by Nicole Nguyen, Wall Street Journal

Between service-price hikes and the overwhelming number of apps charging monthly fees, our digital lives are eating up larger slices of our budget. There’s my security camera, cloud photo-storage provider, password manager and the language learning app I haven’t opened in weeks, plus the endless streaming-service options to consider. Subscription burnout is real—and so are rising prices.

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