The Numerous-Good-Options Edition Sunday, March 13, 2022

Which Mac Will Replace The 27-iMac For You?, by Adam Engst, TidBITS

If you have to decide based on the Macs you can buy today, there are numerous good options. Pricing out comparable systems revealed that while the 27-inch iMac was in a sweet spot where price meets performance, other combinations of Apple gear come close. When the new options’ prices are higher, the associated performance and capabilities are also greater—a classic Apple technique for encouraging users to pay more. Plus, when you expand your thinking beyond a single purchase, the 27-inch iMac isn’t nearly as compelling.


5 Photoshop Alternatives, Depending On What Tools You Actually Need, by Zachariah Kelly, Gizmodo Austrlia

Look, Photoshop rules, nobody will ever say otherwise, but there are some pretty decent alternatives to Adobe’s platform — and some of them are even free.

ChronoSync V10 Brings Back Bootable Backups For macOS Big Sur And Monterey, by Oliver Haslam, iMore

The return of bootable backups is a big deal for users of the most recent macOS Monterey update and means that users of ChronoSync can now create bootable backups that are not only easy to create, but also easy to maintain to ensure they have the latest data, too.

Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub Review: Make Your Workspace More Comfortable And Productive, by Amber Neely, AppleInsider

Satechi's Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub is the ideal way to raise your iMac or monitor while providing additional ports for your favorite devices.


Apple Seeks Home Run With MLB Streaming Deal, by Liam Killingstad, Front Office Sports

Though Apple hasn’t yet made a huge commitment to live sports, the new MLB deal hasn’t depleted any of its available reserves either, and it could act as a verifying mechanism that live sports rights are worth the investment.

Is Sports Betting "An Epidemic In The Making"?, by Peter Kafka, Vox

Remember when we decided that spending too much time on our phones was a bad thing? That immersing ourselves in our iPhones could be unhealthy, or even addictive?

That was a couple of years ago. So riddle me this: Now something that we already know is potentially addictive — sports betting — is available on those phones, accompanied by a media blitz promising a path to easy money. But people raising concerns about that combination seem few and far between. So what happens to the sports betting industry if someone — namely Apple or Google, which have enormous control over what you can do with your phones — decides they do have a problem with that?

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I've watched The Tragedy of Macbeth over the weekend. I don't really speak Shakespeare, so I was looking for a modern English subtitle, but I couldn't find it. :-)

But seriously, even if there were such subtitles, it would feel wrong just to have them. Instead, there should be a subtitle option that includes both the beautiful language that the actors are speaking as well as the English 'translation' simultaneously.

Wouldn't that be too many subtitles? Yes, it will mar the beautiful cinematography. But, no: I've grew up watching Hong Kong movies where every single one had both English and Chinese subtitles, so I am used to subtitles.


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