The Don't-Have-to-Settle Edition Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Mac Studio Is Apple’s Overdue Apology To Neglected Creatives, by Karen Haslam, Macworld

This has been quite a journey, but pro creatives finally have the Mac they need. The Mac Studio gives them the power they crave at a reasonable price that doesn’t take up much space. At last, they don’t have to settle for an iMac because they can’t afford a Mac Pro.

But the question is do they want a desktop in this day and age? The two creatives I spoke to would prefer a laptop, and Apple offers a laptop with the M1 Max should they feel that they need that much power. While it’s no longer the case that a laptop can’t be as powerful as a desktop, it is unlikely that Apple would put an M1 Ultra in a MacBook, so for those users who want power, a Mac Studio looks like the best option.


Finally: A To-do List App That Wants You To Do Less, by Lizzy Lawrence, Protocol

Bento’s leaders are pitching it as a methodology, not just an app. With Bento, you focus only on three tasks which comprise a single Bento box. The Bento box can be any unit of time. You might build five Bento boxes for each workday, or build three at the start of a day, representing the morning, afternoon and evening. You can have only seven boxes at any given time.

Each box contains a small, medium and large task, and Bento users have three workflows to choose from. Eat That Frog, a productivity concept from Brian Tracy, encourages you to start with the largest, most important task first. Slow Burn tells you to start with your smallest task and work your way up. Climb The Summit chooses the medium task first, then the large task followed by the small one. You assign a number of minutes to each task, and when you click the task, it starts a timer.

Keychron Q3 Review: An Excellent Base For Mechanical Keyboard Customization, by Mike Peterson, AppleInsider

To put it plainly, this is one of the best mechanical keyboards you can get without needing to deal with a ton of customizing or compromising with a Windows-focused mechanical keyboard.

App Lets You Crank The New MacBook Pro’s Brightness To Over 1,000 Nits, by Samuel Axon, Ars Technica

The Vivid effect is impressive when it works, though. It's vibrant, looks great, and can fight sunlight glare as hard as any laptop. There's even a nice, elegant extension to macOS's normal on-screen brightness meter that indicates whether you're within the normal range of brightness or the newly unlocked extended range.

Western Australia Police Can Now Use CarPlay To Respond To Emergencies, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Apple's CarPlay is being used for an unusual purpose, with Motorola Solutions and Western Australia Police creating an app for law enforcement that takes advantage of the in-vehicle display.


Five Years Ago, Apple Redefined 'Pro.' Is It Time For Them To Do It Again?, by Lance Ulanoff, TechRadar

For professionals looking across a range of Apple gear - and Apple itself will tell you it sees products like the iPad Pro and Mac Pro as "complementary" - the picture is getting muddier, not clearer.

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When Apple brands a product as 'Pro', it means this is the most expensive, most capable, most feature-ful version of the product.

Except when Apple is talking about its M1 chip, where Pro is just better than non-Pro, but there's still Max and Ultra ahead.


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