The Lego-Like Edition Monday, April 11, 2022

How Apple’s Monster M1 Ultra Chip Keeps Moore’s Law Alive, by Will Knight, Wired

As it becomes more difficult to shrink transistors in size, and impractical to make individual chips much bigger, chipmakers are beginning to stitch components together to boost processing power. The Lego-like approach is a key way the computer industry aims to progress. And Apple’s M1 Ultra shows that new techniques can produce big leaps in performance.


Studio Display Update Issue Fixed As Apple Addresses Code-Signing Issue, by Sami Fathi, MacRumors

As highlighted on Twitter and confirmed by MacRumors, iOS 15.4, the latest software update for the Studio Display, had been unsigned by Apple as of late last week, making software updates for the display impossible. A few hours later, Apple resigned iOS 15.4 for the Studio Display, making software updates for customers once again possible.

An Ode To Apple's Hide My Email, by Mike Lapidakis, Empty Coffee

I’m a huge fan of the service and think the practice of a unique email per site is nearly as essential as using a unique password. When it’s this easy, you have no excuse.

Logitech Circle View Review: The Best HomeKit Security Camera Around. Period., by John Velasco, Spy

The Logitech Circle View represents the best of what a HomeKit-powered security camera could offer. It’s a reliable security camera made better by the fact that you don’t have to fumble around a third-party app in order to use it.


The Joy Of Small Projects, by Dominick Schroer

When was the last time you completed a project? When was the last time you started a project? Have you every felt that you were trapped working on something that you don’t enjoy anymore? Size is something that I’m sure most developers with the drive to do side projects have felt. Recently I have been completing more projects with more success than ever before. This is my new process.


Here's Why Apple Classical, And Not iOS 16, Could Be The Biggest WWDC News, by Tom Bedford, TechRadar

Classical music is complicated — apparently Mozart didn't write his classics with streaming services in mind — and so making these works easily parsable by the average music listener is a big ask. But isn't Apple's modus operandi that it makes things simple?

Apple Starts Manufacturing iPhone 13 In India, by Munsif Vengattil, Reuters

Apple Inc has started making the iPhone 13 in India, the company said on Monday, as the U.S tech giant tries to reduce reliance on its Chinese supply chain.

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Yes, I noticed the name Will Smith in the credits of the new Apple TV+ show, Slow Horses. Of course, a quick check over at IMDB revealed that this is a different Will Smith from you-know-who.

After watching the first three episodes (so far so great), I searched for reviews of the show on the intenet, and read three of the top results. Two out of the three reviews did assured their readers that, yes, this is a different Will Smith from you-know-who.


I didn't watch See so this may not be true, but Slow Horses is probably the most violent show on Apple TV+ thus far.


Thanks for reading.