The Not-Allowed-to-Quit Edition Saturday, April 16, 2022

Apple’s Still Not Catching Scammy Apps, And This Time They’re On The Mac, by Mitchell Clark, The Verge

Scam app hunter / developer Kosta Eleftheriou, known for catching egregious scams that make it past Apple’s review process, has once again brought attention to a new crop of shady apps being peddled through the App Store. This time they’re on the Mac, and they’re using pop-ups that make it extremely difficult to quit an app without agreeing to outrageous subscription prices — all without Apple noticing, despite its argument that its App Review process keeps devices and users safe.

'I Didn't Want To Die': Founder Of Wolomi App Created It To Help Black Moms Find Joy In Pregnancy Again, by Victoria Uwumarogie, Essence

The Wolomi: Pregnancy Companion App has since been born and become a light for many moms-to-be and new moms looking to take control of their birthing and mothering experience as opposed to just taking whatever healthcare providers offer. Among other offerings, the app allows them to stay abreast of events where they can find community, to undergo mental health screenings to ensure they’re being supported, to speak with experts like a pediatrician instead of going down a scary rabbit hole online, and to hear from a midwife to be educated about their pregnancy journey. George has equipped mothers with the tools necessary to take full ownership of and have confidence about their journey, as opposed to being in fear before, during and after.

Stream Different

Apple TV+ Friday Night Baseball Curveball Start Could Still Lead To A Home Run, by Lance Ulanoff, TechRadar

Apple is purposely not doing things exactly as they've been done for decades of game broadcasts. It's intentionally widening the diversity and perspective of the typical game announcers. It purposely pulled together teams that offer new faces demographics and fresh perspectives.

That can take some getting used to but Apple, which appears to have grander baseball plans than just this Friday night slot (though we're guessing here), not only wants the traditional baseball fan to enjoy these games but is also hoping to build the audience beyond the endemic.

Apple TV+ In Talks To Land MLS Broadcasting Rights; ESPN, Turner Also Interested, by Matt Tamanini, The Streamable

The strategy for most sports leagues has recently been to diversify their broadcasting options by having games available on multiple networks and platforms, especially as streaming has become more viable. While leagues see this as a way to reach viewers across various age and socioeconomic demographics, fans see it as leagues unnecessarily complicating how they watch their favorite teams.

This Is As Good As Movies Are Going To Get, by Peter Kafka, Vox

So. We’re looking at a future where 1) most movies that show in movie theaters will be made for an audience that goes to movie theaters — that means young people who like superheroes, young people who like being scared, and families with kids who need to get out of the house, and 2) everything else is meant to be watched at home. But, eventually, there won’t be as much of that stuff as there is now.


Apple Promotes Apple Card In New 'Chocolate' Ad, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple today shared a new ad focused on the Apple Card, highlighting the convenience of having a card-free payment option and the simple sign up process.

The 6 Best To-do List Apps Of 2022: Get Organized, by Lena Borrelli, ZDNet

There have been many different to-do lists and apps throughout the years, but each year, it seems like there is a rush of new apps vying for the title of best to-do app. We took our time, carefully analyzing and testing the market's top choices to help you find the best to-do lists and apps to organize your life, however, and whenever you need them.


Despite Thunderbolt, iPad To Mac Communication Is Still A Mess, by Wesley Hilliard, AppleInsider

The latest iPad Pros have Thunderbolt ports, so you'd expect improved performance when connecting to a Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro. Instead, it's a buggy mess.

Apple And Privacy, by David Sparks, MacSparky

At the leading edge, however, Apple will always be a little constrained as it makes privacy a priority. That used to bother me. Now it doesn’t. Constraints often make things better. Apple will figure this out in a way that does serve consumers and protect our privacy. The other guys aren’t bothering. This is one more reason why I’m using Apple gear.

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So, Apple TV+ is chasing after talent and 'prestige television' shows. It seems like it is also chasing sports programming. That's like two-thirds of the (earlier non-Max) HBO rulebook, if I remember what I've read in the book about HBO, Tinderbox, correctly. (Tennis and Boxing was what I recall.)

Are we expecting Apple TV+ competing in the documentary genre next?


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