The Whole-Experience Edition Sunday, May 15, 2022

What Can A Mac Do That A PC Can't?, by Max Slater-Robins, T3

Honestly, using a MacBook Pro with a trackpad feels in some ways like using an iPhone. Pinching to zoom, swiping this way and that, it's excellent. Head into an Apple Store to give one and try and you'll become a convert.


Apple's insistence on controlling the whole experience means that, by and large, you can be sure that the company will know what's wrong and be able to fix it. There are also a lot of Apple Stores across the land, all of which will help you out.

Here Are 15 Shortcuts For Apple's iWork Apps On Both iOS And macOS, by Matthew Cassinelli, iMore

In iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3, Apple updated their iWork suite of Pages, Keynote, and the Numbers app to include improved actions for the Shortcuts app across all three applications, bringing the feature to macOS for the first time, and improving on the previous iOS-only set of actions for the suite.

Each app has Open and Create actions to let users open files and generate templates, plus Apple included specialized actions to interact with their Keynote presentations and insert values directly into tables in Numbers.

I Invited Tim Cook To Speak At My Graduation. He Gave Me This Advice, by Molly Feanny, Elite Daily

Keep your curiosity. Curiosity should stay with you your entire lifetime. Keep asking the question “why,” and keep asking it over and over again until you get good answers. And when there isn't a good answer, that’s an indication that something needs to change.

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Mac can do regular copy-and-paste in Terminal. Windows need to reinvent Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


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