The So-Many-Great-Products Edition Monday, May 30, 2022

These Are The Best Cheap Products For Entering The Apple Ecosystem, by Tony Polanco, Tom's Guide

At the time of writing, everything on this list will cost $2,084. If we take away the Homepod Mini, the total comes to $1,985. That amount is still hefty, but considering how the entry-level MacBook Pro 14-inch alone costs $1,999, spending nearly that much on so many great products lessens the blow.

Apple’s products aren’t always the most budget-friendly, but if you can spring a little over $2,000 for what we’ve listed here, then you can enter the company’s consumer-friendly ecosystem.

Gurman: iOS 16 To Include Always-on Display Feature Ahead Of iPhone 14 Pro, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

In his latest edition of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says iOS 16 could finally include an always-on display feature for the future iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Once rumored to arrive with the iPhone 13 Pro, it seems the next flagship phone from Apple could feature this long-awaited function.

Remembering Apple’s Newton, 30 Years On, by Jeremy Reimer, Ars Technica

Today, the Newton is barely remembered. It’s considered a failed project, as it only lasted a few years before being shut down.

But the truth isn't so simple. Many people who worked on the Newton went on to become key players on the iPhone team; Mike Culbert, Greg Christie, and even Jony Ive worked on Newton. Many of the ideas that originated in the Newton made their way into the iPhone and iPad. Some of these are minor, like the “puff of smoke” animation when you delete something, which eventually found its way to the MacOS dock, or the live-updating clock icon that Steve Capps challenged the iPhone team to recreate.

But other influences went far deeper.

Reality Check

RealityOS Trademark Timing A Legal Requirement, Not (Necessarily) A WWDC Hint, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

This doesn’t mean that Apple won’t announce the product at WWDC 2022, but does mean we don’t have persuasive evidence for it.

Our IP Report Covers Apple’s Latest Design Patents While Revealing The U.S. Company That Has Multiple Trademark Filings On Record For ‘RealityOS’, by Jack Purcher, Patently Apple

Whether Realityo Systems is an IP holding company hoping for a company like Apple to acquire it or is actually acting on behalf of Apple is unknown at this time. Interestingly enough the company is located in Delaware where Apple has hidden other trademarks in the past like “iPad” in 2010.

Bottom of the Page

It didn't cross my mind to look at how cheaply can one get into the Apple ecosystem by buying one of everything, but I am a little surprised how relatively inexpensive this exercise is. I will quibble on the choice of an Apple Watch Series 3, but many will probably agree there is no good cheap choice of an Apple Watch today. I hope that will change soon.

Also, depending on what one already owns before getting into Apple's ecosystem, one may want to budget a charger or two. :-)


Thanks for reading.