The Über-Consciousness Edition Sunday, June 19, 2022

Apple Store Approves Union, The First In The U.S., by Rachel Lerman, Aaron Gregg and Praveena Somasundaram, Washington Post

The vote means workers at the Towson, Md., store plan to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) once a contract is ratified. Saturday evening’s initial tally was 65-33, and the official count was pending.


Billy Jarboe, a Towson Apple employee and union organizer, said that Apple’s campaign to undermine the organizing effort “definitely shook people,” but that most union backers stayed strong.

5 Bookmarking Apps For Saving Stories You Want To Read Later, by Amy-Mae Turner, Mashable

Read-later apps are a convenient way to bookmark digital content that you want to return to. Such apps can save articles, Twitter threads, and even entire websites so that you can revisit them.

This can come in handy when you don’t immediately have spare time to browse, but you’ll have a moment later to catch up on current affairs — say during your commute. As a bonus, they allow you to access content when you don't have an internet connection. We're highlighting five tried-and-tested read-later apps that we strongly recommend, presented in alphabetical order.

We Warned Google That People Might Believe AI Was Sentient. Now It’s Happening., by Timnit Gebru, Washington Post

We need to act now to prevent this distraction and cool the fever-pitch hype. Scientists and engineers should focus on building models that meet people’s needs for different tasks, and that can be evaluated on that basis, rather than claiming they’re creating über consciousness. Similarly, we urge the media to focus on holding power to account, rather than falling for the bedazzlement of seemingly magical AI systems, hyped by corporations that benefit from misleading the public as to what these products actually are.

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