The Social-Capital Edition Sunday, July 10, 2022

‘I Don’t Know How My Show Is Doing!’, by as told to Kathryn VanArendonk and Josef Adalian, Vulture

Over the course of my time at Apple+, I was told two things: One is that shows did better when they were released weekly; the other was completion rates. But then it’s like, What does that metric mean to you? You never knew what their goals even were. Are their macro goals to sell iPhones?

You will never be approached with any information. If you choose to expend your social capital in such an ask, you will be politely handled, but you will not be given anything that has any kind of context to it. I’m not going to be the one who demands a Zoom meeting for them to share information that they literally would lose their jobs over if they ever shared. So I went off and developed this whole relationship with one of the people who work for an analytics company that estimates ratings. I paid money for a personal subscription, and I know I’m not the only person doing that. Our audience was pretty big. I found out the show had rabid fan bases in other countries, too.


Todoist Review, by Jill Duffy, PC Magazine

Todoist makes apps for all major devices and platforms, and it couldn't be easier to use. There's a free version, which is very good, though the Premium level is absolutely the way to go. If you need an app that will keep you productive with tools for organizing your tasks, either by yourself or in collaboration with others, Todoist is it.


Apple Discontinued The 12-Inch MacBook Three Years Ago Today, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Introduced in March 2015, the 12-inch MacBook featured a thin and light design that weighed just two pounds, and it was also Apple’s first fanless notebook.

Three Years Later, The 12-inch MacBook Is Still Missed, by Stephen Hackett, 512 Pixels

In the lead up to Apple silicon there was a lot of conjecture — including by me — that the 12-inch MacBook would make a great candidate to lead the processor transition. So far, the MacBook hasn’t made a return, but I know a bunch of folks would like to see the line resurrected one more time.

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I wonder if Apple has any target on when Apple TV+ will become profitable.


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