The Smaller-Workplace Edition Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Fallout From Apple’s Bizarre, Dogged Union-Busting Campaign, by Caitlin Harrington, Wired

Although the pro-union staffers continue to savor their victory, a hangover from Apple’s divisive anti-union campaign lingers. Workers say that some managers who were fed anti-union talking points to deliver during the campaign continue to hold a bias against union supporters, complaining when they miss work and painting them as lazy.

Particularly in smaller workplaces such as Apple stores, fractured relationships are a common casualty of harsh anti-union campaigns. At large workplaces like Amazon warehouses, consultants and far-flung employee relations staff are typically flown in to lead anti-union drives. With smaller teams, management-side law firms often tell companies that “local managers or supervisors will be the most effective anti-union shock troops,” says San Francisco State University labor studies professor John Logan. They have relationships with employees and are generally seen as more trustworthy than outsiders. “But there’s potentially a very high cost to doing that. Because if it’s very adversarial, as these campaigns usually are, it can poison workplace relationships for years to come.”

Coming This Fall

Edited iMessages In iOS 16 Now Display Original Text, Undo Send Limited To Two Minutes, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

On an edited iMessage, you can tap on the small blue “Edited” label to see the edit history, and it can be hidden again by tapping on “Hide Edits.” Prior to this beta, an edited message noted that it was edited, but there was no option to tap and see the previous messages that were sent.

In addition to adding an edit history, iMessages can now only be edited a total of five times before the “Edit” option disappears, but there’s still a 15 minute window for making an edit.

Scrubbing Through iOS 16’s Music App, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

Yes, this is the eradication of a little bit of skeuomorphism from the iOS interface. Someone out there is up in arms about it and is filing a strongly worded Feedback item to Apple even now. But I’m inclined to view this as an enhancement to the user experience. You shouldn’t have to aim your finger to land precisely on a little circle in order to change the volume. A touch in the general vicinity and a swipe should be enough. And once we stop looking for that circle and just swipe with abandon, I think we’ll all be better off.


Why I Love iPad For Writing, by t. r. perry, Medium

When I am using my iPad, I am able to truly focus on the task at hand — writing. Using my Macbook or other computers forces me to look at other tabs, other notifications, and a whole slew of items I could potentially click on all lined up at the bottom of the screen. Not so with the iPad. Basically, it’s a thin screen that consists of my words and nothing else. It’s clean, minimal, beautiful resolution, and simple. All of these things help me to breathe, zone in, and write away.

Twelve South Refreshes Signature Leather AirSnap Case For AirPods 3 In Several Styles, by Rikka Altland, 9to5Toys

Adjusted to fit with the updated charging case, you’ll find the same top-grain leather build that wraps around AirPods 3. There are three different colors available, with a pretty standard brown leather being paired with black and a flashier lavender style.


Sorry, Apple Will No Longer Help You Set Up A Dial-up Modem On Your Mac, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Of course, it has been years since Apple discontinued Macs’ built-in dial-up modem, but users still had the option to buy and set up a USB modem for whatever reason. With macOS Ventura, Apple has rebuilt the System Preferences app (which is now called System Settings) from scratch. This probably explains why the company is getting rid of references to dial-up.

Mass Email From iTunes Connect About Banking Info Was Sent In Error, by William Gallagher, AppleInsider

An unknown but large number of Apple users were mistakenly sent emails about iTunes Connect billing or banking details — even if they are not iTunes Connect users.

Pro Sports’ Dilemma: Ownership Or Rich TV Rights Deals?, by Alex Weprin, Hollywood Reporter

The question for leagues is whether they are best served going direct themselves or continuing to maintain robust partnerships with rights holders. For the foreseeable future at least, the partnerships remain supreme. “While the media has changed, I think the strategy will remain the same, and that is in broad distribution,” Garden says, noting that the definition of “broad” may evolve as consumers shift their viewing preferences. “In the old days, that meant you were going to be on NBC, ABC, Turner, Fox. In the streaming era, it could be Peacock or Apple.”

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It is great to find Apple making corrections to the iMessage-editing feature.

It is probably less likely to find Apple making all the corrections to the System Settings on macOS. But at least most people probably will not open the Settings app more than once a month.

And I am just a little surprise Apple didn't attempt another round of minimizing Safari's windows chrome. Well, there's always next year.


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